Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A batty afternoon

We had a quiet and creative afternoon at home, mostly bat-themed. L. did a lovely bat picture on the computer, almost entirely unaided. P. found the pen holders, nibs and ink and they both settled down to draw comics on some blank templates A. had printed out from Enchanted Learning. After that they went off secretly and P. made a huge number of bats on clothes pegs out of paper and fun foam, and pegged them onto their bedroom curtains.

Eventually, we got ourselves into reasonable clothes and set off for capoeira. I keep forgetting to blog about this – we go every Wednesday to a kids’ capoeira class for people aged 4 to 8. Capoeira is a fantastic Brazilian art form – part dance, part game, part martial art. It’s very acrobatic too, and there’s music and singing. Quite hard to describe, if you’ve never seen it.
Pearl and Leo both enjoy the class, which is taught in a very open and energetic way, often with a chance to play capoeira with one of the teachers or other kids in a roda (circle of everyone singing, clapping and playing instruments) at the end. All the parents stay, and often join in the last bit, and it’s generally very relaxed. Some of the other four year olds do find it a bit demanding after a day at school – I’m always relieved that P. and L. don’t arrive at the class exhausted, hungry and frazzled.

Actually, they were a bit hungry today, and were getting on each other’s nerves, so they partnered other people for (I think) the first time ever. This went very well, and was a bit of a breakthrough for Leo, who has been a bit shy at this group.

Leo watched Big Al again after we got home, and P. started a new story on the computer. After tea, I did a bit of cleaning and they went a bit mad, organising a Sylvanian birthday party on top of a door frame. This entailed climbing up on an enormous pile of floor cushions, and predictably ended in a grazed knee when P. fell off said pile of cushions.

All settled happily in bed, after some more Zoombinis, snacks and drawing. Off to get some sleep myself.

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