Monday, January 31, 2005

Bird watching, spring cleaning, and a lighthouse

A mixed couple of days. Saturday was our first day with no work commitments for ages. We decided to do spring cleaning, but once we’d got trampolining out of the way, and Pearlie and I had watched our garden for birds for an hour, as part of the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, there wasn’t an awful lot of the day left.

P. and L. took their customary approach to cleaning, which was to create as much mess as possible just outside (and sometimes inside) the area actually being cleaned. This had its customary effect on Allie, and everyone was a bit tense by the end of the day. But we did get four big boxes of cuddly toys out of our bedroom, so something was achieved.

While spring cleaning, we discovered an old cylindrical cardboard box that wasn’t being used, and this inspired us to make a lighthouse to take along to the HE group on Monday – we are looking at houses this week.

We dug out the circuit making kit we have never used since we bought it two years ago, made a circuit with a flashing light bulb, and put it all together to make a passable looking lighthouse that really works! Allie painted it white last night and the kids added windows and doors this evening.

We made a lighthouse! Posted by Hello

Today Allie went to work, dropping P. off at a school friend’s house on the way. They took her to Wakehurst Place, where she reports that they got muddy and cold, but seem to have had a lovely time.

Leo and I stayed in all day. He was delighted by the Happy Gang website about homes on the BBC, and spent a long time playing the games on there and designing houses. He also built a ‘mansion’ out of cushions, watched Big Al again, drew and constructed dinosaurs, listened to me read bits of Horrible Science 2, and talked about lots of things.

I have managed to get pictures off our camera, but the computer is behaving erratically, so I’m not sure I can repeat the achievement...

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