Monday, January 10, 2005

Blood, spit and tears

Monday is our HE group day. We were doing mythical creatures today. Lots of fun stuff got done, even if the kids were cooped up for the whole time (four hours) by foul weather. Kids did lots of art and craft, listened to the fab Spike Milligan story of Sir Nobonk, and enjoyed seeing their friends. We are a group of twelve children and their assorted grown-ups and I think the kids get a great deal out of going.

Sadly today came to an abrupt end for us when Leo fell flat on his face - something he has a tendency to do - and got a mouth full of blood. He is already one front tooth down after a fall last March. As he is only four and a half he may have a couple of years until the next one comes through. Today he managed to severely loosen the other front tooth and the one beside it. Luckily the dentist could see us straight away (thanks to the fellow HEor who took us in her car) and he did an x-ray and had a good look. All we can do is wait and hope that the teeth don't drop out and that he doesn't get an abcess.

Other than loose teeth he has a fat lip and nagging mothers. I really hope he can hang on to these two teeth for a while at least. I know it is no big deal in the scheme of things but somehow it seems sad to see his little milk teeth disappear in bloody accidents rather than in the more gentle natural way. On the plus side he is very good at visits to the dentist now as he has had three appointments for tooth accidents as well as routine checkups.

P is watching a BBC children's history about the 1980s! Dani and I are chipping in every few minutes, "that's not true Pearlie!" and "that didn't happen like that!" Must be driving her mad. It is a good experience, reminding me that all the programmes about other decades and centuries are probably just as slanted and limited - it's just that we don't necessarily know.

New series of ER starting - kettle on, feet up!


Heather said...

Eeeek to the teeth and ER kicked off nicely didn't it! Your group sounds good, perk of city dwelling I guess- our monthly, less inspired effort is tommorrow.

Allie said...

ER was certainly satisfactory - great to see Abby as a doctor. And yes, our group is great at the mo. It is deliberately small and everyone is very committed.

Sarah said...

Total Sympathy re the teeth - my DS is also 4, almost 5 and knocked a front tooth loose about a year ago. It's at an odd angle now and has started to decay and become sensitive. We're off to a dental specialist to have it removed! It'll be the first time he's ever had anyone actually do anything to him so I'm not looking forward to it at all.