Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Bodily functions!

Allie here for a change! We've had a nice couple of days getting back into the swing of post-Christmas life.

Yesterday we went to investigate a branch library we have never visited before. Our main public library is out of action for a few months while they prepare to open a brand new one. The branch library we tried was fine, if a bit small. P was happy to settle down next to the 'fun facts' shelf for a while. She is a fan of the 'horrible history', 'murderous maths' etc. etc. books and chose to borrow a book called 'Vicious Veg!"

L found a book of true ghost stories and I had the fun of reading him two then and there. In fact, I spent large parts of yesterday reading aloud (2 or 3 hours?) and when I finally had to stop to cook tea P took over! I jokingly said to L that he would have to get on with learning to read as I couldn't really keep pace with so many demands. He then decided to read in bed until 9.30pm when he was barely awake. He is enjoying the 'Red Nose Readers' - produced in the 1980s - written by Allan Ahlberg. I usually find all 'readers' pretty boring but these are witty and cater to his desire to read independently at night like P.

Today was one of our half and half days. I was with the kids in the am and then Dani does pm. We both work part-time and our schedule is 'to the minute' sometimes... Anyway, before Christmas we had developed a pattern of doing weekly science experiments on a Wednesday. P is very keen on routine and insisted today that we get back to the pattern - autonomous but pretty regular - that's our girl at the mo. So today we tackled the 'bursting bladder' experiment. I don't think the person who wrote the book had ever actually tried this as it didn't go at all to plan. But much fun was had by all making 'wee' - cold tea -measuring, pouring, and finally 'weeing' the lot into the loo through the funnel. Can't remember what the book is called but it is yielding some fun stuff. The kids loved the 'sick stomach' we made last month.

Anyway, hope someone somewhere is reading this. We are trying to get on a blogring but I don't think anyone can hear us crying at the door...

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