Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Damn thing ate my post - try again!

My mammoth update on the last two days was just eaten by Blogger. Here is another (much shorter) try!

Monday was our HE group - percussion making session. It was good, as usual, in spite of my ongoing cold. P then went on to Woodcraft folk where she gets to see an old schoolfriend.

The evening was our first try of a new evening/bedtime routine. This went ok - late bedtime for kids but no tears and lots of trying to stick to the agreement by all parties. Much better than the years of fighting we did with P at four years old.

Today Leo went over to mum and partner's house. This involves a walk up the 114 steps of the 'cat's creep' which Leo had a good go at counting today - he made it 112.

P and I watched 'Maths Challenge' - shapes this week. P found it all quite straightforward and enjoyable. Then we watched the first part of 'Roots' together - as part of her current interest in family trees. It is obviously upsetting but I remember being gripped by it in the 1970s when I was P's age. She sat silent and completely absorbed for the whole time and we talked about it afterwards.

P went to tea at a friend's house and Leo came home. One of our local cousins came to play with him for an hour. We are very lucky to have three cousins in neighbouring streets. As they are aged 7, 5 and 3 they are very close to Pearl and Leo.

Anyway, off to bed with this rotten cold.


Jax said...

Used to hate it when blogger did that. A tip is to write the post in word or notepad or some such, cut and paste into blogger then you can have as many goes as necessary. hth.

Allie said...

Thanks, that sounds sensible!