Wednesday, January 19, 2005


today we did; Make a wheezy lung experiment (from Horrible Science magazine issue 1)

Who did it?
Dani, Pearl and Leo
What we did
Pearl went to the shop to buy some balloons (and Maom stripes!)
We got a 500ml sports cap bottle and a balloon. We cut the bottle in half and sealed the sharp edge with some elephant tape.
Then we cut the neck off a yellow balloon and Dani stretched it over the cut end of the bottle while Pearl held the bottle.
Then we took the top off the bottle and Leo stretched a purple balloon over the white bit (the nozzle).
We put the purple balloon, still attached to the white bit, into the neck of the bottle, and sealed it with blu tac, to be air tight.
What happened
We pulled down the yellow balloon, but nothing seemed to happen. Dani sealed the join between the yellow balloon and the bottle with more elephant tape.
After that the experiment worked. When we pulled down the yellow bit, the purple balloon puffed up.
The yellow bit was like the diaphragm and the purple balloon was like the lung filling with air.To make it wheeze, we stretched the cut off neck of a balloon over the blue bit of the bottle lid. When we pulled the diaphragm down it made a very quiet squeaking sound.

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