Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday - library, maths and a friend to play

Dani went to work via the hospital today. She has been waiting for a physiotherapy appointment for a few months, after a nasty incident in the summer when her arm got hurt. It was all the fault of a trip-wire (actually skipping rope tied between two chairs) that Leo had constructed in the kitchen. When Dani suggested it was dangerous I assured her that it was ok because we were all aware of it. Five minutes later she got up to clear the table and was very efficiently tripped. The physio said that she had torn some of her tricep where it joins the shoulder blade and though it was healed it had scar tissue and was (to use his technical term) ‘knackered’. Anyway, he gave her exercises to do and she is going back in a couple of weeks.

Kids and I went off to the library and chose loads of stuff. They were very happy there and I even got ten minutes to choose stuff for myself while P looked at books and Leo drew in his sketch book.

Pearl chose:
Horrible history books on the ‘Blitzed Brits’ and kings and queens
Another kings and queens book by Tony Robinson
A fun maths activity book with recipes and craft activities
A book on ‘how to live forever’(!?)
A video of ‘Matilda’ – the feature film
A new Captain Underpants book.

For Leo:
A book in the ‘Little Horrors’ series called ‘The Swamp Man’ – by Shoo Rayner
A Walking with Dinosaurs book
Spooky Spinechillers
Wizzil – a book by William Steig (who apparently wrote Shrek but which we really chose because it is illustrated by Quentin Blake)
A new Captain Underpants book
An appalling video in the ‘Goosebumps’ series featuring two American kids being haunted in the Tower of London – he gave up after about ten minutes of viewing.

We came home for lunch and then decided to do a bit of maths on paper. I downloaded some of a really long workbook thing from a scheme which I read another muddlepuddler is using

Pearl was keen to have something ‘hard – like for people in year 6’. I actually gave her a year four book as it looked fairly demanding. She picked out all the bits that related to Roman numerals and did those. I must admit that I think that the books have an excessive number of questions. But we’ll use it like we use everything – pick out the bits that appeal.

Leo wanted a ‘maths book’ too. I usually find the maths books aimed at four year olds a bit pointless. I think there is a rush to put things down on paper that are best observed as part of life. But he wanted something so I found him a little book on enchanted learning that had ‘spooky’ things to count. He amazed me and Pearl by doing the whole thing. I did the first couple of pages with him and then got distracted discussing stuff with Pearl. He read the rest and filled in all the answers. He writes a lot of his numbers backwards but they were all right.

A local HE friend (a fab little girl aged five) came round to play after an unexpected phone call from her mum and that used up the rest of the day happily. Kids played explorers all over the house. When they got tired the little ones flopped with books and videos and Pearl played Set on the computer. She couldn’t find the last set – which drove her a bit mad as I was no help. But Dani arrived home from work and saved the day!

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