Saturday, January 15, 2005

Germs and grumps

Allie is ill with a rotten cold and chesty cough, and has gone to bed early in an attempt to shake it off.

She took the kids to a new branch library yesterday, and they got lots of great books, including a science book with some interesting looking experiments, book 5 of the Spiderwick Chronicles series, a Mona the Vampire book, Mr Fossil's dinosaur lesson, Mouse Soup by Arnold Lobel, and some others I have forgotten. They got a good Eyewitness video about prehistoric life, too.

Leo read loads of Mouse Soup last night, with Allie chipping in where he couldn't manage the next word. All that late night poring over books seems to be improving his sight vocabulary. His reading is coming on very fast, but he doesn't always let on.

P. went to trampolining this morning - first class of a group she used to go to, but with a different teacher. It meant we all had to get up this morning, and some of us (including P.) were a bit grumpy about that.

But the class was good, and she seems to like the new teacher. Allie and Leo came up to meet us and then Allie dragged herself off to work (trampolining is on the university campus where A. works) and the rest of us came home for an afternoon of bickering (kids) and shouting (me).

I am cross with myself for not having a happy time with them today, when we had all got on much better on Thursday, but I guess there are always ups and downs.

We did also manage to fit in some dancing (at one stage P and L were both dancing, on their duvets spread out on the floor, to different Pet Shop Boys CDs on different floors of the house), a bit of art (both computer and pen), printing tickets and numbering seats for tomorrow's dancing show, a look at some multiplication charts Allie printed out last night, receiving and replying to a secret letter from a cousin in the next street, and an online Tesco shop. So I guess it was quite a productive afternoon despite being a bit bad tempered.

I finished my cushion cover this morning (to great acclaim!) and am just about to start on P's cardigan. I need to buy some more needles so I can work on L's at the same time. So far these cardigans have cost 20 quid each - I hope they actually wear them!


Sarah said...

Oooh, I fancy the Spiderwick Chronicles, haven't read any, what are they like?

We've been reading Lemony Snicket here, I read all 11 over Christmas and Anna is hot on my tail up to about number 6 now I think.

Allie said...

Well, I haven't enjoyed Spiderwick as much as Lemony Snicket. They are probably more appealing if you like fantasy stuff. I'm not terribly impressed with the writing. Leo chose them more for the look of the covers than anything else, as they look a bit similar to the Snicket books, but he does seem to have enjoyed them. He was very pleased with goblins that have broken glass for teeth!