Sunday, January 02, 2005

A good day today...

... despite a night of little sleep for everyone. We had early rising cousins for a sleepover, and all four children were awake by 5.45am! Bit of a shock to us, as our mornings have been getting later and later since P came out of school.

When we finally got up, and after lengthy discussion, Allie and Leo went to town to buy new books, while Pearl and I set off for Preston Park for some scooting. It was a beautiful bright blue winters day. Pearlie had a good whizz about. Even when she's tired, she needs to wear her body out a bit.

Allie and Leo met us in the park with a new Geronimo Stilton book for P (Four Mice Deep in the Jungle), a new Spiderwick Chronicles book for L (the Ironwood Tree), and a DVD of Roots for all of us.

Walked all the way home, complete with pooey shoe on Leo's foot.

We've been talking a bit about ideas for the coming year. Pearlie wants to do a project on her family tree. Leo wants to do something about Baryonyx (dinosaur discovered in 1993(?) in Surrey).

Reading new books prompted an interesting conversation about barcodes, checkout tills, stock control in bookshops...

Feeling very lucky tonight, watching the earthquake survivors on the news, surrounded by possessions, in my warm house, with my loved ones all here safe.

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