Thursday, January 13, 2005

Imaginary friends and a bit of science

This is something I've been meaning to blog about since we started but it keeps slipping my mind. I want to have a record of Leo's amazing family of imaginary friends who started to emerge a few months ago and now are mentioned daily. L is currently 4 years and 9 months.

Marmite was the first to appear. He is a boy (L is the only male in our house) who was orginally about ten but now seems to vary wildly between five and fifteen. He has two sisters, Tofu and Butter. Butter's birth was a major event a couple of months ago but she now seems to be a child. They have two dads - Houmous and Peanut Butter. (Yes, we are vegetarians!) I think PB was orignally a mum but we have talked about the concept of transgender in our house so I guess that's probably what has happened there. One of the dads has a fabulous career composed of two part-time jobs - one as a plumber and the other working in a baker's shop.

Their primary role at the moment is to give Leo many wonderful parcels every day. L mimes the opening and then launches into a detailed description of the contents. They are usually wonderful costumes of superheroes L has invented himself - 'Ivy Man' or 'Superdoggy'. I think they have helped him deal with the end of Christmas and the sad end of real parcels to open.

I have a great fondness for these imaginary companions of Leo's. I still remember my own.

L is a very imaginative chap all round. He often describes fantastic pre-historic or monstrous animals. He also has a detailed catalogue of superheroes and baddies in his head - including powers, weapons and clothing.

Yesterday we all played with a kit about blood that P got for Christmas. It had a greatly simplified heart with just a single chamber but with valves. We talked a lot about hearts in the end. My dad had bypass surgery about 11 years ago and we talked about how smoking blocks your arteries. I had a heart 'murmur' as a baby and we discussed that too. P. drew some posters including a fab one of a heart (containing a bicycle pump!) showing arteries blocked with stuff labelled 'smoking glue'.

L. joined in in his own way - including many references to vampires. Never sure how much he is taking in of these 'experiment mornings' but after last week he has taken to declaring 'my bladder is full!' when he needs a wee. So it looks like that meant something.


Heather said...

Sometime in the year Pip was three on a very windy day she said someone was at the door and rushed to the letterbox letting in three friends- Bon (derived from bonnet and her fascination when Sim opened it one day), Lily and another that I'm afraid I've forgotten. Bon and Lily have turned up ever since at th most unlikely of places and came backpacking round Oz and NZ with us. They pretty much left when she started school, only making the occasional appearance and Lily hasn't been heard of since Titch's birth as Lily was always more of a little sister figure- I've got xmas, easter and valentine cards made at playgroup signed from Poppy and Lily. And guess who came to play in the middle of a windy night a couple of days ago.....great stuff!

Sarah said...

We had that heart kit too, a while back now. It now gets used as a bath toy ...

Love the family of imaginary friends, that's something my children have never done!