Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Light fantastic

The theme was light at our home ed group yesterday. Everyone had brought lots of lovely stuff and the kids made 'stained glass windows' and 3d glasses, read books, shone rainbows on the ceiling, and performed the Gruffalo as a shadow puppet show. I made a pinhole camera out of a Pringles box, mainly for my own amusement - P. is only interested in one that takes real pictures. I think we may try to make this one.

It was one of our half and half days, so I went straight from work to the group, and Allie went off to her work from there. P. and L. were both very tired, and finding it hard to join in with the activities, though I think they both perked up a bit after lunch.

P. went to Woodcraft Folk after we got home, and Leo and I just flopped about at home. Leo is thrilled with 'The Ballad of Big Al' and watched it through at least twice yesterday.

By the time P. and L. finally went to bed (after last minute Zoombinis and dinosaur scene making), we were too tired to do anything much. Maybe we need to renegotiate this bedtime thing again...

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karen said...

Hi Allie and Dani - Welcome to the ring - only just getting around to the end of the ringhub - I rely on Bloglines to tell me who has done a post - you all need RSS feed LOL I think I would like to try pinhole cameras - one day LOL