Sunday, January 09, 2005

More museums

Extremely slow morning, waved Allie off to work still in our pyjamas/superhero costumes, then popped to the shop with pocket money to buy sweeties just before lunchtime (top parenting, Dani!).

Called for cousins in a neighbouring street and set off for Brighton Museum after lunch. In the interest of family harmony, my luggage for this trip included a fleece and coat for L, who walked the whole way to town in just a T-shirt, cardigan for P, spare gloves and scarves for everyone, and two tupperwares of food to compensate for L's half eaten lunch having gone in the bin...

P and L also brought bags, containing batman, a cuddly frog, an Incredibles camera, a small plastic snowman, some cotton wool, a calendar pad, a pen, and probably a few other similarly useful items. Needless to say, I ended up carrying these too. And P's trousers, which she insisted on taking off as soon as we arrived at the museum. (She did have her England Woman costume on underneath - red and white swimming costume worn over red tights, with another pair of knickers on top). All I can say is, good job I'm not premenstrual this week!

Anyway, we all enjoyed the museum. L and I were delighted to find a display of ancient Egyptian mummies (human, cat and snake), mummy cases, shabtis, canopic jars, etc. It must have always been there, but we had never noticed it before. Saw a good exhibition of aerial photographs of the downs, and another of train-related art. Visited our favourite bits of the permanent displays. Then all back here for tea and a good play.

P. spent most of the evening doing French knitting, which she has just discovered.

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Alison said...

ROFL at the England Woman costume :-)

You are obviously a wonderful parent to let them take bags of toys out with them as well as everything else - I would never let mine do that, far too bad-tempered to carry their ... erm ... stuff!