Sunday, January 09, 2005

Saturday together

We had a whole day together yesterday. As we knew that the next one would not come round for three weeks we decided to use it to do the sort of outing that's hard with just one mum available. We set off for a great swimming pool in Burgess Hill - a journey involving train and bus.

P and L both love swimming. P is a pretty independent swimmer these days, spending most of her time under the water, but she still needs a body to cling to sometimes. L wears armbands but is pretty fearless. This pool has all the fun stuff like rapids, waterspouts of many kinds and flumes. We took the kids down the flumes on our laps. I don't know why but I seem to go much faster than other people! L and I kept exceeding ten MPH and falling on to our backs.

It was a very successful trip, though L and I had a bit of a strop at each other when he refused to come into the vacant changing room because it was too 'yucky' - it had crisps and assorted other rubbish on the floor. We were both hungry which tends to make us pretty unreasonable.

My brother came to sit for the kids in the evening. This had been tricky to arrange with L who is quite upset when we go out in the evenings at the moment. He fixed me with a tearful yet steely eye yesterday and said:
"It feels horrible when you go out. Do you know what it is like? Has it ever happened to YOU?"
Sadly I do remember that nasty feeling when my mum went out but I still feel that Dani and I need the occasional couple of hours alone together.

Anyway, it was all happily resolved by my brother bringing his video of Spiderman2 which he watched with the kids and then they went up to bed together. Not really a fair exchange for sitting for his two who are always tucked up in bed when we arrive but at least he didn't have L upset all evening. P was wonderfully helpful with the whole thing. She usually goes up to bed an hour or two after L but was happy to go up with him last night. As she didn't wake until 10 this morning I guess she reading pretty late!

We went to see Vera Drake. Very powerful and dark. We are off to our HE group tomorrow - doing mythical creatures. Should be fun!

Thanks for all your welcoming comments. It's nice to be here.

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