Sunday, January 16, 2005

Show time

Just a quick one, as I'm meant to be ironing.

P. did her dancing show, to an audience of two uncles, one aunt, three cousins, Leo and me. A. was at work again today, despite still being ill.

The show went down quite well. We had prepared a running order the night before, cutting the number of Pet Shop Boys tracks down from P's original plan of 18, to a more manageable 7. In the end, she only did 5, as the 3 and 4 year old contingent of the audience didn't quite have the required attention span. Everyone else stayed to the end and clapped nicely, and there was popcorn at the interval. I think she was pleased.

It was very energetic and gymnastic dancing, liberally sprinkled with handstands. She has been working very hard on it, and is hearing all the different rhythms in the music and responding to them in her dance. We also saw a briefer (is that a word?) and more dramatic performance from one of the cousins.

Leo had also printed tickets for an opleshow, to which only children were invited. It was never entirely clear to me what this was, but I think they had a nice time, anyway.

We did get our comeuppance this evening for presuming to dispense wisdom about four year olds on other people's blogs, when L threw a big paddy about being put to bed earlier than P. She, in return, started demanding to be read to for long stretches of the evening. Allie was quite desperate to get to bed herself, but couldn't relax with various people shouting and stropping off.

They did both eventually settle down in bed, but we're clearly going to have to rethink and renegotiate the whole evening routine.

Having knitting traumas - the wool I've bought is quite a lot thinner than the one the pattern is written for, and the back of P's cardigan is ending up very narrow. She is pretty narrow herself, so it may be alright, but I am a bit worried. If I make the front bits slightly wider, will I still be able to put it all together to look reasonable, does anyone know?


Jax said...

You might want to wander past Rosie at Knitting Yoghurt and ask her? Beyond my knowledge I'm afraid ;)

peri said...

Hi Dani
Did you knit a tension swatch? This is so important in knitted garments. Knit the swatch and then adjust the needle size til you get the right tension - stitches per inch, Widening the sides may make in a bad fit under the arms and across the back.
Hope this helps - love the blog - good work. Peri x

Dani said...

I know, I know. I was too impatient to knit a tension swatch and now I'm paying the price! I think I have thought of a solution that should work. Nice to see you here, Peri!