Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Tuesday – death and shopping. Wednesday – a day of two halves.

On Tuesday Pearlie and I walked Leo over to my mum and partner’s house. I guess all will have realised we have no car! We had just struggled into our waterproof trousers and swaddled ourselves up against the horizontal sleet when it stopped – and the sun shone all the way. On the way we talked about death and beliefs about the afterlife. Leo wondered how the Ancient Egyptians could put people inside so much wrapping and heavy coffins and expect them to get out! We talked about the Shabtis that were buried with them and how they could help.

We then talked about death in general. Dani and I are both atheists raised by atheists so our explanations tend to be pretty simple in this area. I said that I felt death was a natural part of life and that at the end of a long life death was a bit like going to sleep after a very busy day. Leo expressed the wish that he never die but Pearl pointed out that if you went on living you would probably be killed eventually by exhaust fumes or the end of the world…

After dropping off Leo P and I went to get haircuts. I’ve been going to the same place for about fifteen years and now P comes too. It’s a fairly traditional barbershop with a big jar of lollies for kids – so Pearlie quite likes going. After being tidied up a bit we went off to the toyshop so P could spend some tooth and pocket money she has been saving. She chose a new family of Sylvanian mice and counted out her £12.99 on the counter, right down to the last penny.
When we got home P was keen to introduce her new mice to the rest of the community and so she played Sylvanians for a while. Then we played Zoombinis together. I think its one of the best presents we’ve ever bought Pearlie. She has never shown much interest in computer games before but this really suits her. What’s good is that on the harder levels it is genuinely challenging for me and Dani too so we can work collaboratively and learn together.

The rest of the day was fairly quiet and happy all round. I surpassed myself by actually getting out a duster for a bit. Leo was very pleased with the smell of polish which he claimed was ‘not at all familiar’. That says it all really!

Wednesday morning

D went off to work before the kids were awake today. When they got up L wanted to watch Ballad of Big Al again. P and I explored some of the stuff available on Enchanted Learning and printed out a French book of animals. I printed out a nice bat template and made one but the kids had drifted off. When they got hungry they emerged demanding cheese pastry. I encouraged cheese scones which are pretty reliable no matter how you make them. Leo and I worked together to make the scones, then he cut them out with a bat shaped cutter and P decorated them with poppy seeds. D walked in just as they came out of the oven and we gobbled them all up. Then I had to set off for work.

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