Thursday, January 20, 2005

An unexpected day

Allie's mum has caught a horrible sickness bug from our three year old nephew, so P. couldn't go over there today. Instead we had a rare morning all together at home and P. went out exploring with another of her many grandmas (A's mum's partner) after lunch.

P. and L. did lots of good playing together in the morning, and Allie and Leo printed out some good stuff about desert animals and family trees from Enchanted Learning - we have finally coughed up to join, so we can get the books and stuff. P. started knitting a new Sylvanian Families baby blanket and phoned my parents to consult them about family trees, and we all watched the BBC schools programmes on BBC2.

After lunch, everybody left in quick succession - A. to work, P. to her adventure, and Leo and I to a blood donor session. L. was keen to see the bags of blood, and followed all the proceedings with interest. He also kept up a fairly constant stream of information about the latest goings on at the Marmite/Tofu/Butter etc household. I was mortified to find I hadn't given blood since 2001, but I've done it now, so I hope to be able to keep up the habit.

We picked up a few things at the market and some sparkly dressing up tops in a charity shop, then met P. back at the house.

She had been to Ditchling, where she had found a rabbit skull (the grandma she was with is a biologist, so we are fairly sure about the identification), found the village museum (unfortunately shut until March), talked about the construction of the buildings in the village - some were made entirely of oak, walked around in country lanes and chatted about the Seven Professors of the Far North.

This evening, P. put some salt water in the water-powered clock she was given at Christmas, and it really worked! I don't know why.

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