Saturday, February 12, 2005

21st century green house

P. had a lovely time on Thursday as always. This week, A’s mum had arranged a visit to an unusual house in their neighbourhood. The owner was very welcoming, and showed P. her collections of bones and shells. She even gave her a Sylvanian beaver that had no child to play with.

Yesterday was the Sky installation day. A. and the kids went to the library in the morning, as we’d been told they weren’t coming until the afternoon. They stocked up on Tintin books and videos, and some dinosaur books, and had a fine time.

After a few hours of frantically clearing up mess as soon as it was made, the Sky installation men turned up around three, quickly went away again ‘for 20 minutes’ and came back some time after four. When I got home from work at quarter past five they were up on the roof in the gathering twilight and rain.

Finally, the job was done. We can see the pictures on the telly at last! L. was overjoyed to find that this week is Scooby Week on Boomerang. So much for Sky as an educational resource! (But I’m sure it will be, really.)

Trampolining this morning was good. P is almost at the point of doing somersaults, much to the excitement of her teachers. She herself is deeply embarrassed by all the attention but (I think) secretly proud.

A. went to work and the rest of us came home for a mixed afternoon at home involving some painting of pottery, a spot of Zoombinis, plenty of snacks, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on video.

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Jules said... I know my kids would love that! I'm sure there is a group nearby, maybe I should look into it..