Sunday, February 27, 2005

All change

Well, we have pretty much done the furniture moving, and everyone is sleeping in their new rooms (except us, we’re still on the sofa bed in the kitchen). The kids seem happy, and even spent quite a while playing with toys in their own rooms this morning, which is previously unheard of.

A load of stuff should be arriving from Ikea on Tuesday, courtesy of Flatpack Brighton. It’s quite shameful how excited we were when we heard that this service existed! Then it’s just Pearlie’s new bed to come. Let’s hope it arrives before the visiting cousins in 3 weeks time.

Allie and the kids spent most of Friday tidying up the house in advance of the HE group grownups meeting we hosted in the evening. They also picked up one P’s school friends from school and she came round for a play and tea. Going to school was a bit strange for everyone, but the (very wild) playing was, according to P., “lovely”, and the girls and Leo all played together with good humour.

P. and L. were brilliant while the meeting was on – they watched TV and looked after each other in the other room, and we were both able to take part in the whole meeting.

Yesterday was a very busy day for P. and a quiet and peaceful one for L. She went to trampolining in the morning, and worked on her somersaults. Allie wasn’t working for once, so she was able to take her.

P. and I popped in briefly at the Brighton Science Fair in the afternoon. This was really good, but a bit crowded. We looked at pedal powered generators, moon rock and meterorites, cuttlebones and crab shells from the sea, an experiment to see if some numbers come up more often when rolling dice, and other cool stuff. We bought a couple of packets of eggs to grow into triops.

Then she was off again to a birthday party of the same friend who came round on Friday. They did a Scooby Doo style clue hunt in the local park, and it sounds like she had a great time.

Meanwhile, the rest of us were rearranging rooms. Leo was a bit grumpy on and off, but generally great while we heaved books and cupboards up and down stairs. I think he was pleased to have a day where he didn’t have to go out and could arrange his possessions around him and choose his costumes for each moment. He did lots of drawing, made a dinosaur out of egg boxes, helped a bit with the moving, chatted, watched Power Rangers, etc.

We started off our triops this morning, after a slow getting up. One of our local cousins is coming round this afternoon, so I’d better go and do something about lunch.


Helen said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Sounds like a busy day with all that furniture moving. It's nice to read about a family that is similar in composition to how ours will hopefully be once we actually have kids :-)

Allie said...

Blimey, not another one! Tee hee! Can't believe how many such mums we are encountering in the world of home ed. Thanks for the nice comment - it makes it worth posting when someone replies! Good luck with the baby making.

Alison said...

Wow, that Flatpack Brighton is very cool - now there's a business idea, *I* could do that, I love going to Ikea, rofl! Pretty damn good at putting the stuff together too ;-)