Friday, February 04, 2005

Books, Barbers and Bedrooms

Pearl and Allie went off to A’s mum for their French lesson and usual Thursday things. They looked at the ne…pas construction. Pearlie played an interesting sounding word game (Word drop), invented a new marbles game, played Sylvanians, and had a lovely time as usual. A’s mum discovered she had two copies of The Diddakoi, by Rumer Godden, so she gave one to P, together with Stig of the Dump.

P. has just finished reading Skellig, which she (and I) found completely gripping. It’s written in a beautiful, spare style, and deals with complex issues. It has a very sympathetic home educated character, which was why we got it. I’m hoping P. will want to write a review for the EO newsletter.

Leo and I (after much negotiation) set off for the barber’s, armed with clipboards and pencils for sketching afterwards, and buoyed up with promises of shopping in the interesting shops nearby. This was an enjoyable expedition. Leo surprised me by deciding to have his hair cut after all. I got mine chopped off, to my great relief.

We popped into the independent bookshop across the road and left five minutes later and fifteen pounds worse off, but with some nice books – The Lost World, by Arthur Conan Doyle (Leo picked this off the shelf because it had a picture of a dinosaur on it, but it’s quite beyond him, I think); an Incredibles activity book; The Body Owner’s Handbook for P; and (by bizarre coincidence), The Diddakoi!

After being shorn, we strolled down to the seafront and settled down for some sketching. L. applied himself to this and did a really good picture of a dog, which he has never really attempted before. We had to stop, as our pictures were getting wet in the rain, so then we walked back into town along the seafront. This was lovely – we picked up a cuttle bone and a couple of interesting bits on the beach, popped into an artist’s studio, noticed interesting architectural details, discussed the light of the sun falling on the sea, etc.

P. and L. were quite grumpy with each other after P. got home. I think they were both hungry. After I fed them they were much calmer and more productive. P. made several “disco dresses” for her Sylvanians – cut from felt, to her own design, and fastened with Duck tape. L. drew and then traced a copy of a beautiful superhero picture.

P. announced today that she wants her own room, so we are now considering a major reorganisation of the house, which will involve losing a living room to be our bedroom. If it means they go to sleep once they’ve been put to bed, it will be worth it!

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Sarah said...

I love the Diddakoi, one of my favourite ever books in the whole wide world!