Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Downs and ups of a couple of days


Dani went off to work and kids promptly started arguing. As I was trying to get the stuff together for HE group I got in a big grump. Once we had all shouted at each other a bit Leo settled down to crying in the hallway and hurling snotty tissues at me. We put the pieces together as quick as we could and made it to the group with everything – including lighthouse.

Group was good but we were all a bit washed out. One of the kids brought a shiny silver futuristic house he had made. Lots of craft stuff was available and someone had brought withies, bamboo and blankets to make tents. One of the HE dads arrived with his van full of tools which gave a very real idea of construction.

Unfortunately the fall out of our earlier row was that Leo was upset when I had to go to work. He often barely notices when I leave the group but this time was different! Luckily I only had to leave him crying with Dani but it brought back memories of leaving a wailing Pearl at nursery and school.

After HE group D took the kids home and P went off to Woodcraft Folk. It was apparently a bit of a mad atmosphere and she got trodden on and pushed during some game. Not sure what else happened!


Dani went off to work and I decided that today was going to be a better day – and it was. Pearl and I took Leo over to my mum and partner’s house. He was very happy to get there as he loves them both and the chance to have some ‘special time’ with them alone.

On the way back P and I went to a charity shop and found four books (2 on dinosaurs, one on puppet making and a little story book about a mole) and a box of mixed stickle bricks and octons. We have both of those and so the chance to top up our stock was very welcome. The stickle bricks include some axle and wheel bits which is great. Five pounds for the lot seemed like pretty good value.

When we got home P and I ate lunch while watching a video of ‘Puzzle Maths’ which we had borrowed. It was not really my cup of tea. It was supposed to be for nine to eleven year olds and had two puppet characters sniping at each other and teasing about ‘boyfriends’. YUK! Pearl watched three episodes but wasn’t very enthusiastic.

Then we sat down with tea and chocolate to watch more of ‘Roots’. We were gripped and after we had watched a whole episode we looked at the family tree which is on the final DVD. We were amazed to see that it was just six generations from Alex Hailey back to Kunta Kinte.

As the DVD was ending the phone rang and it was a mum of a friend of Pearl’s checking that she was coming to tea! We had thought that this was a vague idea but it turns out she thought it was a firm arrangement for today. So we met Leo at the end of our road and walked on up to Pearl’s friend’s house. This meant we were caught up in the post-school swarm. I felt a great wave of relief that we were no longer part of it. Even though the last few days have been a bit rough I am sure that HE is the right thing for us.

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