Saturday, February 05, 2005

Fabby Friday and Saturday Party

Friday was a lovely day once we actually managed to get out of the house. It took us (Allie and kids) three tries to leave for the library with the books, no other books, and the library cards. Once we were there Pearl curled up on a comfy chair and read a whole Captain Underpants book. Leo and I took our time choosing a nice selection of books and videos. We had to leave eventually as the library closes for lunch for an hour.

We got a bus to town and chatted about lots of things. The bus passed the Steiner school and Pearl asked me about it. I don’t know a great deal about Steiner but one thing I do know is that they don’t teach reading and writing until people are about seven. Pearl was a bit horrified at that! Then we discussed routes around town, dinosaurs and vegetarianism. It was one of those times when both kids are talking so much, with such stretches and leaps of thought, that I am so glad they are not in a classroom.

Lunch was spuds at the place in the shopping centre. Pearl had a voucher (recently found from her last birthday!) to spend and Leo had saved some pocket money. We ended up in a toyshop where Pearl sat down beside the Sylvanian display. She knew how much she had and I told her to choose what she wanted and pay for it – and she did. She was just so confident – it was a joy to see. Leo was pleased to find a pack of dinosaurs for £2.99. Then we chose a present for an HE friend’s birthday – more on this later.

In the evening my mum came to babysit and Dani and I went to the pub for a drink with the adults of our HE group. Lots of ill-health and work meant that we were few, but we had a great time. When the kids are around we adults never seem to find much time to talk to each other.


Today the kids and I went to a bowling birthday party. One of our HE group friends was five and the mixed group of bowlers (ages two to seven) had a fab time. After the bowling we went off to a fish and chips restaurant where the kids filled up chips and racing car birthday cake! It was great but I’m a bit tired now…

This evening I finally snapped when we were unable to get a decent picture on either TV for the kids to watch Jurassic Park. We have lousy reception and an aerial too old for a freeview box to work. So we are getting Sky! After I made the call to set it up I felt a bit sick. We never make big financial commitments like this. We even save all year for the renewal of my bus card. Suddenly we are getting Sky… But now we will be able to get lots of good documentaries and schools progs so I guess we can call it an HE resource?

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Jules said...

Oh yes, I definately put SKY TV down to an educational resource ;-) Lots of documentaries to enjoy, we particular like Animal Planet, the Discovery channels, and the History ones.