Monday, February 07, 2005

Hustle, bustle

Yesterday was very up and down. We went to Rainbow Families (our local lesbian & gay parents’ group) in the morning (including a shared lunch), popped home for an hour, then went to the park with some local cousins in the afternoon. P and L. had a fine time during both these outings, played with an assortment of people, ate food with everyone, etc. But after the birthday party on Saturday, it was all a bit too much socialising for Leo, and he dissolved into tears and rage both before and after the park trip.

It was all very upsetting for him and me – I didn’t handle it very well – but we made friends eventually, and we have been OK with each other today. He even coped with yet another social occasion – our weekly HE group – with quite a lot of support from Allie.

I guess we need to make sure we plan in some more days where we aren’t doing anything in particular.

The group was lovely today. We had two new families join, and everyone seemed to get on fine. We were looking at bodies – people drew round each other on lining paper, measured their feet and hands, looked at books, watched a video (Rat a tat tat, C4 literacy programme, about the book My Body Your Body), played tag and stuck in the mud outside, and ended up with some parachute games. Some of the braver people tried a blindfolded, nose-holding taste test game! Not that there was anything dangerous involved...

While Pearlie and I were at Woodcraft Folk tonight, Leo and Allie played Digby Mole’s first sounds game, and Leo wrote out some questions for Allie to answer. Things like “DOOYOISMOCK” (Do you smoke?), and “DOOYOIGOONHOLDAS” (Do you go on holidays?) When each question was ready, Allie had to come to the sofa for her appointment and write down the answer.

P. and L. watched a couple of episodes of the Natural History of the British Isles (one of their favourites) this evening, we planned birthday parties for them both, Allie read them a comic book version of The Hound of the Baskervilles, and P. had the next bit of the Diddakoi in bed.


dottyspots said...

I remember reading the Didakoi - she was called Kezia (if I remember correctly). I always thought it was such a pretty name :0)

Sarah said...

With you on the too much socialising thing. Dino goes completely mad if we do too much - angry, aggressive but clingy at the same time - horrid. Mimi on the other hand can't get enough and would be out every day if she got the chance.

We try to plan at least 2 days each week when we stay at home and do just Mummy and kid stuff - quietly! It works when we stick to the plan.

Dani said...

Yes, it's not a problem you necessarily anticipate when you start home educating, is it? Everyone says "how are you going to make sure they get enough contact with other children?", but it's how to make sure they get enough calm one to one stuff that we struggle with.