Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just a quick catch up

P. and L went to their cousins’ house for a sleepover on Saturday night (though only P. actually stayed the night), and we went swimming with the same cousins on Sunday afternoon.

This was all OK, but I think Leo was physically exhausted by the walk on Saturday and emotionally tired by trying to sleep in an unfamiliar bed, followed by yet more socialising and exercise, so he was very fragile at the HE group today.

He was OK, with a lot of support from Allie, but when I arrived and she had to go to work, he fell apart. He calmed down eventually, and found sanctuary with P, one of the other mums from the group and a couple of the kids in the branch library next to the hall where we meet, while I gathered up our stuff. We went home a bit early, and everyone vegged out for a few hours.

P. went to Woodcraft Folk and Leo and I designed an invitation for his party – here’s the front cover.

The Flap Man! Posted by Hello

Planning to pull our horns in a bit for a few days now.

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