Friday, February 18, 2005

Park and writing - a happy Friday

D set off to work and I got up shakily and got kids fed and dressed. Their cousin B and his mum arrived and we set off to the Level – park at the bottom of the hill. The kids had a busy time; climbing, swinging and eating ice lollies (!) They chatted with the park attendant who showed them where field mice are living. B came back for lunch, but then left, and then Pearl and Leo settled down for a quiet afternoon at home.

It turned out to be a lovely afternoon without any Scooby Doo – a merciful break! Pearl and I played with the new onset and rime game blocks. When we bought them I thought they’d be useful for Leo - so he wasn’t interested at all. They present no challenge to Pearl but she thought they were great. Actually we had fun trying to pass off unlikely words on each other and checking them in the dictionary. I was greatly amused to find that Pearl was able to match onset SH with rime AG in our first game and onset F with rime UCK in game two! I dread to think how a teacher would cope with using them with a group of canny kids.

After playing with the blocks for a bit we investigated the ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ word thing we bought with P in mind. This was remarkably successful. I suggested that we could write poems and Pearl wrote the following. I helped a bit when she couldn’t get it to scan, but it is basically all her own work - her layout, punctuation and spelling.

Pearl’s poem

On the motorway, at midnight,
a wizard met a farmer,
the wizard got a big fright
the farmer made him calmer
they grabbed a torch and rode
into the motorway,
the torch became a toad
the toad just flew away.
they flew up into the sky
the toad was very wobbly,
they found a crème-cheese pie,
the crust was very nobbly.
they came across a mountin,
it was very high,
they didn’t know it was a mountin,
but they got there by and by.
they came across a film star,
his name was Pancake day,
he was a stranger, from afar
he asked them all to stay.

Leo dictated a story to me after picking words for himself and writing some down. Here is Leo’s story – using all the words he had picked from the board and some of his own invention.

Flap man screeched to a halt and had poopy palt for his vamplaw. He attacked an old man with a canine dog. Before dawn he ate some poo. He went to his garden – which was a playground.

Flap man is a villain of Leo’s own invention who has been around for a few months now. When I asked what ‘poopy palt’ was I was told ‘Just write it!’ – so I did. I think it is an experiment with rhyme. Leo never wants or takes any suggestions in his writing, drawing, or anything much really! He illustrated it with a wonderful dog picture.

Tonight Leo has announced that he doesn’t really want his own room after all. But Pearl is adamant that she does. This is going to take a lot more talking through…

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Heather said...

Crumbs- Pearl's spelling is fab! And what imaginative children you have! Our kids share atm but I wonder how long the harmony will last with 5 yrs between them...