Sunday, February 27, 2005

Pukka Pies - they're delicious

Quick extra post here to acknowledge how much the kids seem to be enjoying having a bedroom each. D tells me that they tidied their rooms today in anticipation of a visiting cousin – without being asked! Guess that won’t last. I believe they had a great time playing with said cousin.

When I got home from work this evening I found Dani and both kids playing fours with real playing cards. I don’t think Leo has ever played with playing cards before but he seemed to be doing admirably and has an endearing habit of calling them ‘the sixth of spades’, ‘eighth of hearts’ etc. Apparently they have been having a games filled day, including Connect Four and more games with playing cards.

Leo has just made a sign saying ‘Knock befo entry’ for his bedroom door – I’m guessing Dani helped with the spelling of some words and not others! Pearl announced last night that she would like a Pukka Pies sign for her bedroom door. It seems this needs to be like the one at the chip shop with a little sliding open/closed sign and must include the unlikely legend ‘Pukka Pies – they’re delicious!’ I think I’ll have to go their web site and see if one can be scrounged. Needless to say neither Pearl nor any of us has ever tasted a Pukka Pie!

It’s very peaceful here tonight. We all had a lovely sit down tea of baked spuds and various salad and other veg and now people are playing cards, drawing and listening to music around the house. Suddenly the children seem very grown up – nearly five and eight – and quiet evenings are sometimes possible. Amazing!


Heather said...

LOL at the Pukka pies!!

Alison said...

rofl, you did have me wondering when I read the title :) Love the idea of the sign though!

Quiet evenings ... hmmmm they sound nice ... am *definitely* not having any more babies, life is so civilised when or or two of the littlies aren't around :)