Thursday, February 10, 2005

Three day catch up

Pearl and I took Leo over to my mum and partner’s house as usual. He had a fine time and drew lots of pictures of ‘Rat Dog’.

While Leo was there Pearl and I watched a bit more of ‘Roots’ and then took a load of washing to stick in the laundrette driers as we had too much to dry at home. We took a book of maths puzzles and I succeeded in being less than helpful to Pearl in her attempts to solve some of them. I got hung up on trying to get Pearl to remember a particular method I was taught when she needed to think it through in her own way. So we grumped home (me kicking myself all the way) and then Pearl scooted up and down the street and I read the paper.

In the evening I had a good talk with Dani and she made me feel much better about the maths incident. She was brought up by mathematicians and has a very relaxed attitude and belief that maths is fun. I, on the other hand, worked hard to get my maths ‘o level’ and did well by virtue of having a good memory. I just memorised all sorts of methods and facts, often without really understanding why they worked. I know that Pearl has a fantastic grasp of maths and has always been creative in her thinking so god knows why I got us both upset about something trivial.


Wednesday morning was good. Pearl made some paper springy shapes by folding paper strips. Leo did some drawing – as usual! Then we made biscuits using a recipe in a fun maths book from the library. I was proud of myself for rescuing the dough by adding milk (not mentioned in the recipe) when it clearly needed it. I halved the dough and the kids added food colouring so L’s biscuits ended up green and P’s bright pink.

I left for work and then D mixed some icing for the kids to decorate the biscuits. They did this very enthusiastically and produced mountainous creations of icing and sweets. There are still a lot in the kitchen – hidden away in Tupperware boxes.

Dani took the kids to capoeira where poor Pearlie fell on her face during the warm up and drove her teeth into her lip. Lots of blood and P didn’t want to go on with the class so they came home. It looks pretty blue today but is clearly healing fine.

In the evening Pearl did maths – bits and pieces from here and there, including working out sequences in her head up into the thousands. She asked Dani for a few sums of the sort that we had bickered over in the laundrette on Tuesday. I was at work. She checked with Dani over something but clearly understood it fine. She also tried some long multiplication but got in a mess with her columns and so got the answer wrong. But she and Dani went through it and worked out the problem.

Leo had a fine time playing on the Dav Pilkey web site. His reading skills now cover phrases such as ‘Keep your mouse pointer in the game, bub’ and ‘Click here to continue’.


I took Pearl over to my mum’s and we did a bit of French – some basic conversation and then number and animal lotto in French. It was good fun as usual. We are very lucky to have my mum and her partner supporting us. They were both teachers (they are now retired) and I do appreciate that our decision to HE must be hard for them.

I had a day off work so popped to town for a bit. I went into Borders where there were some tempting offers. I got P two Geronimo Stilton books for the price of one, and a dinosaur book containing jigsaws for Leo.

Leo and Dani had been to Maplins buying phone extension cords and micro filters in anticipation of our Sky installation tomorrow. I’m feeling a bit anxious about it. I hate having people in the house doing work that I can’t really understand and knowing that I may be called upon to be assertive!

We had a quiet afternoon. L and I did the jigsaws from his new book. He read lots of ‘Mog’s Box’ to me and then did drawing and playing on the computer. When P got home she and L settled down with different Tintin videos. I have to say I really enjoy those too.

Kids are both still awake but in bed. P is bound to read at least one o her new books tonight and L is working on a new comic. He very sweetly asked me yesterday if I do colouring in bed or go straight to sleep. I had a lovely image of me and Dani sitting side by side in bed passing each other felt tips late into the small hours.

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