Thursday, February 24, 2005

Thursday already?

We are in the middle of the huge reorganisation of the house required for P. and L. to have separate rooms, so we have been a bit busy to blog regularly. So far two beds have left the house and one TV has arrived (company for L, once P has moved to her new room). Now we just have to move most of the furniture in the house to make room for the new stuff we’ve ordered from Ikea and P’s (unbelievably expensive) new bed, which should be arriving in the next two weeks.

In between all that, we have squeezed in a bit of home ed:

On Tuesday, Leo went to A’s mum as usual. A. and P. watched more of Roots, bought a few things in town, and made a lapbook about tapirs. Leo made one about elephants when he got home.

On Wednesday, Allie and the kids did an experiment from How to Live Forever, in which you blow up a balloon lots of times to illustrate how skin gets more saggy with age. Then they had a look on the internet for images of people’s faces at different ages. We also went to capoeira, but L. didn’t join in this week. On the way we took some more pictures of the building site behind our house and exchanged a few words with the builders.

Today was P’s turn to go over to the grandmothers’ house. They took her to the garden centre where she saw rabbits in the pet shop bit and fell in love with a cuddly bear – she’s buried it in the toy basket to save it for her next visit.

Leo and I went to the shops with an eclectic list:
- buttons (for their cardigans),
- big underpants (for Captain Underpants themed games at Leo’s birthday party),
- 10W light bulbs (one each for night lights in the new rooms),
- painkillers (just for life, really), and
- a TV/DVD/video (see above)

We also managed to pick up a cuddly pterosaur and a cat shaped money box in the PDSA shop. Not sure if all that was educational, but it was all quite successful. Leo made the trip dressed in an odd assortment of his own and Allie’s clothes and stuff from his dressing up box, including some enormous black glasses frames that make him look like an infant Harry Potter.

This evening we watched Europe: a Natural History, on BBC Four. Pearlie and I did, anyway – L. baled out half way through to watch Power Rangers on the other telly. He is now peacefully producing huge amounts of Power Rangers inspired art.

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Alison said...

Hope the house rearranging goes ok! We seem to be endlessly moving things around - I'm hoping this version will stay for a while, but fitting 4 children into 2 bedrooms takes a fair amount of negotiation ;-)