Thursday, February 03, 2005

Wobbly Wednesday

Day started badly when P. woke first at 8.30, and woke up the rest of us. This was good for me, as I had to be at work at 9am, but not so good for Allie (who had a migraine) and Leo (who had been awake past 11pm the night before).

After this frantic start, Allie and the kids settled down to some calmer pursuits, such as watching a video about Odysseus and doing some related art; picking kings and queens off a wallchart our neighbour gave us and reading more about them in a book from the library.

Then a five year-old HE friend came round for the rest of the morning. This entailed quite a lot of rampaging and by the time I came home at lunchtime all three children were clad only in underwear.

Allie went to work, the friend went home with her mum, and the kids and I eventually went out for a walk and scoot round the block. This was good for P., who loves to whizz along on two wheels, but her choice of route was inexplicably upsetting for L, so it wasn’t much fun for me. He cheered up when we went to the corner shop and he got a magazine.

After a short rest, we set off for capoeira, still a bit snippy with each other. Both kids concentrated hard and learned lots during the class.

While waiting for the kids to get ready this afternoon, I figured out how to put photos on their blogger profiles. I wanted to put the pictures on the sidebar of our blog, but the photo appeared right at the bottom. Does anyone know how to do this properly?


Jax said...

Do you mean you are putting piccies in the profiles to show up or that you want to put piccies in the sidebar next to the profile link? Can probably help with the latter.

Dani said...

I have successfully added photos to Pearl and Leo's profiles (by posting the photos, then copying the URL into the profile editing form). When I tried to do a similar thing in order to add a photo to the sidebar, it appeared in the sidebar, but quite big, and right at the bottom of the whole blog, and pushed everything else down below it. Any help gratefully received.