Saturday, March 12, 2005

Another week gone, gone where?

Well, don’t know what happened to this week but it seems to be Friday again. Here are the edited highlights.

In the morning Dani went to work and the kids and I made muffins. We used an adapted recipe from this book that we got at our HE group book sale. Pearl and Leo worked very well together – weighing, measuring, mixing and eating chocolate chips. The end results were very pleasing, especially when warm.

A lovely moment was when P disappeared off to her room and came back dressed in an ancient Greek costume she had made from one of the cloth kangas that we own. She had followed the instructions in the Groovy Greeks book she has been reading. We took some photos which may appear some time. Later in the day she produced a scaled down version for her beloved cuddly rabbit, Beatrice.

In the afternoon Dani took the kids to capoeira. Both kids joined in this week. Pearl played with a little girl that she is becoming very friendly with. Leo spoke in the circle for the first time and seemed very happy to be there.

Pearl’s new bed arrived at 8am. We bought it with two bookshelves underneath instead of desk and chest of drawers. Making it was a saga to say the least. Thanks are due to one of the grandmothers who arrived like a knight in shining armour to assist Dani when I had to go to work. Pearl went over to the grandmothers’ house to do French and other fun stuff.

Leo spent most of the day happily drawing, watching tv and arranging favourite possessions around him. Arrangement of objects is very important to him at the moment. The house is often covered in elaborate ‘shrines’ including books, drawings, costumes, pens and dinosaurs. He gets enraged if they are touched so it is a relief that he now has his own room and we encourage him to construct them there. He also read a book to me before I left for work. Later in the day he wrote a letter to a cousin and sent an email to a friend. He and Dani also ordered a book from Amazon. This was probably a mistake as now he knows that new books can be made to come by using the computer. The bank balance will suffer!

Pearl was thrilled with her new bed. She generously allowed Leo in and they played a nice baby rabbits game together. After tea Dani and Leo constructed a Zord (hideous Power Rangers thing) out of cardboard boxes and Pearl lay in her new bed reading.

Dani went off to work and the kids watched schools tv. Once again they are enjoying the Look and Read story. Pearl watched three Primary geography programmes and Leo drifted off to look at books and draw.

I sorted out all the library books and we went back to the quiet little branch library, instead of the beautiful new one! The kids prefer it at the moment as the new library is so busy. The branch library is well used by adults but P and L are usually the only children there. Pearl curled up on a chair with the Barmy British Empire for about half an hour. Leo looked for some more books in a series he has been enjoying and I read to him for a while. When I was looking at the videos he wandered off and came back to me saying, ‘I’ve looked under D and I can’t find any Captain Underpants books’. I was perplexed for a second before I remembered the author is Dav Pilkey. When I explained he had to look under the surname he went back to check P.

After the library we went to town and managed a successful trainers buying expedition in Clarks. This was truly amazing as P’s narrow feet usually defeat them. They usually claim her feet are an E fitting but this is just because these are the narrowest shoes they keep in stock – actually they have been D and even C when measured in independent shops. Leo has fat little feet – a G fitting. But with some insoles for P, and a lucky style of shoe, we came away shod.

Tonight P requested to go to bed early and be read to for half an hour by each of us. Leo spent ages copying pictures from Super Diaper Baby, including the villainous Deputy Doo Doo.

So the week is over but as it is another working weekend for me we won’t notice. Our last whole day off together was the 26th February and the next won’t fall until the 19th March. That will be Leo’s birthday and somehow we are sorting out all that needs to be done before then, including preparing for family house guests and planning a party for 18 children. Blogging may take a back seat for a while!

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Heather said...

18 kids!!!! Good luck- we had heart palpatations the year we had 12!
P's bed looks lovely and as for the lack of days off you get together- I'll stop moaning about us now, we at least get one a fortnight.