Thursday, March 03, 2005

A better day

Yesterday was a bad day, with lots of arguing and shouting in it, topped off by P. breaking the sofa just before bedtime, and then a three hour wrestling match with an Ikea bed.

There was some good stuff mixed in, like making borax crystals, going to capoeira, feeding the triops (though I’m not convinced these have hatched).

Today was much better. After the traditional schools TV programmes in the morning, A and P went off their French lesson with A’s mum in the morning, then Allie went on to work. P. went to the brand new library with her grandmothers. They all reported it was lovely. Another visit is planned for tomorrow.

Leo and I stayed home for Power Rangers and an early lunch, then went on a quick shopping trip to Sainsbury’s. This was very educational, with lots of reading the signs above the aisles, counting packets of sugar, etc.

We walked home in the snow and made sugar crystals, following a recipe from the Krampf email list a couple of months ago. We also worked together on a cardboard box and papier mache desk tidy that was in the Scooby Doo magazine we bought on the way home.

When P. came home I did the sugar crystals thing with her too, then the kids settled down for an evening of telly watching, mercifully without bickering.

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