Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Books and boxes

I was out for most of today, so this is mostly second hand. Leo went over to A’s mum and partner’s house, where he played happily, ate fried potatoes and had a lovely time.

Allie and Pearl went to town and got seduced by some great books at Borders. They bought a Tintin book, Evolve or Die, and The Anti-colouring Book for P; some flashcards, an ancient Egypt sticker book, and Beware of the Storybook Wolves for L.

Later they watched the last episode of Roots. I think Allie will probably have more to say about this, but it seems to have been a very valuable experience for P (and A). She’s keen to watch the ‘making of’ bit at the end of the DVD, which promises to be very interesting.

I finished work early and went to collect another of P’s friends from school. They played cards and did drawings up in P’s room most of the afternoon, while we flopped about on the sofa and played with Leo’s new books.

Our stuff came from Ikea, so we now have a decent mattress to sleep on and a house full of boxes. Not sure I can tackle constructing the bed frame tonight, as Allie has gone out for the evening.

The kids had a telly-fest in the evening and bickered over duvets, before finally making friends and settling down in bed.

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Heather said...

Mmmmmm, a house full of IKEA boxes waiting to be unpacked and put together- now *that* is my idea of a good time- seriously! Have fun!