Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Busy kids and equal rights...

Tuesday 22nd March

A day of serious ups and downs. Dani was off work sick with a throaty thing and she, Pearl and I had a nice quiet day with lots achieved. In the morning Leo did some lovely drawing and writing and then went over to the grandmothers' house and had a lovely time, including making a new cardboard box Zord. Pearl worked out a new cipher composed of hieroglyphs and characters she has found in the Aramaic alphabet. After this she wrote a lovely poem.

Once there was an uncle,
He was a fire man,
He always got to fires,
As quickly as he can.

Once he was out at night
In June at 7 o’clock,
Suddenly he stumbled
And got a great big shock.

He landed in a yellow bush,
He looked back and he found,
That he had tripped upon a helmet,
That was lying on the ground.

He went over to a bus-stop,
The next stop was a station,
He got off there and bought a tiger,
Then travelled all over the nation.

And then when he had finished,
He brought the tiger home,
He fed the tiger on mushrooms,
That he had brought back from Rome.

By pearl

Pearl and I also sat in the garden and did some maths from her Key stage 3 revision book. Sometimes we got stuck and it was nice to be able to call on Dani to help us out. Pearl amazes me with her ability to work things out in her head. She can hold long sequences in her mind - even when doing something for the first time. I must say I am amazed by how much Maths I have forgotten in the last twenty years!

So the day had lots of good bits but also a pretty major bad one. The government, in its wisdom, is finally about to recognise that Dani and I are a couple. Somehow this has escaped them over the last thirteen and a half years! But I must say it has served us rather well since we had the children. Suddenly, at a stroke, we are to lose all the tax credits we have been entitled to as 'single parents' – which will cut our family income by over 20%. Yeek! Well, there's nothing we can do about it so we'll just have to get by. It's great equality, isn't it!


K said...

What a fabulous Poem. I'm most impressed. How old is Pearl? She certainly has a talent :0)
Karen Oxx

Allie said...

Pearl will be eight next month. I'll let her know you liked it - thanks!

Heather said...

Allie, in case you're in any doubt, that poem is enviably awesome :-)
Hope the tax credits change isn't going to leave you in too much strife; "Every silver lining has a cloud"!!

Heather said...


a said...

That poem is really good! She's a star.
I never thought about the tax credits aspect. Wouldn't you know it.