Saturday, March 12, 2005

Nice day, not too manic

P. woke up first, and the rest of us surfaced a couple of hours later. She and I went to trampolining, stopping at the building site to take a couple of photos, and at B&Q for wooden sticks so that we can make zoetropes at the HE group on Monday.

Trampolining was good – P worked very hard on her somersaults and her routine for badge 8. She seems to have really clicked with the new teacher, and the group is very small so she’s getting a lot of one to one time. When Allie and Leo turned up at the end, L. announced he’d like to do trampolining "in the next series" (ie after Easter). We'll have to see if he sticks with that, but at least it would give him a reason for travelling up there on days like today when Allie goes straight on to work after the class finishes.

Before coming up to meet us, Leo addressed envelopes to send some of his pictures to his Leicestershire cousins. He worked hard to make the writing clear and legible, and the results were so impressive that Allie photocopied them before putting them in the post.

We got chip shop chips for lunch, and picked up two copies of Horrible Science issue 5 on our way home (some of us have trouble sharing!).

After lunch I did a kid swap with some of our nearby cousins – P. took her potter's wheel to their house and produced lots of little square twirly paint pictures with her cousin S, while cousin D. came round to our house for a play. This was OK, but the difficulty sharing theme persisted rather. After a snack it was better and they both listened avidly to a Rita the Rescuer book, watched Power Rangers and Atomic Betty, and did a bit of drawing and cutting.

Everyone went back to their own houses for tea, and Allie came home for a quiet evening. We watched a video about a Victorian girl who kept a diary, and a documentary about alligators (as well as the ubiquitous Power Rangers), Leo read a lot of Hoppy Birthday Jo-Jo to Allie, did some lovely drawing and played on the Dav Pilkey website. Pearl watched a Tin Tin video and went to bed early for a long story time with both mummies (one after the other) reading her current bedtime story, Rebel on a Rock.

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