Friday, March 04, 2005

Pottering about

Well, the house is starting to look a little less like a warehouse full of boxes and more like a house again. If we have this much disruption just changing some rooms around I cannot imagine what the hell it would be like if we ever had to move. This was not a good week for the recycling service to fail to collect our box. After a day out in the rain the huge cardboard boxes were largely reduced to pulp when we finally found out that the recyclers can’t collect until Monday because of staff sickness. But they are usually very reliable so we can’t complain.

This morning Dani went off to work and the kids and I got up slowly watching schools progs. Kids want the book of the story we have enjoyed on Look and Read this week.

Pearl, Leo and I got the bus to the new library. It is very beautiful and I am sure we will grow to love it. Of course, I cannot help but look at it all from the staff point of view and spotted a couple of things which must already be annoying to work with. I also had a brief tearful moment remembering a long winter afternoon studying in the old reference library. It was not the kind of place that suits modern needs but I loved the big sloping work desks, heavy chairs and general air of timelessness.

After a brief stay in the children’s section (too many toddlers for P and L’s tastes!) we wandered around looking at things. The children were enthralled in the new ‘rare books’ section which had beautiful books on display. I think I noticed an anxious look as we entered but the kids listened to my explanation of the damage done by lots of fingers and touched nothing. Pearl looked at a book of cloth samples from the voyages of Captain Cook and Leo was very impressed by a silver bound book. He explained at bedtime that one of his most recently drawn comic is a rare book as he placed it reverently beside his bed.

The new library has a shop at the entrance – oh bum. Leo decided he wanted to spend his pocket money there but we could find almost nothing he could afford. He was happy to be diverted to the charity shop across the road. The kids got some toys and I found three books – one about teeth, one about digestion, and one about germs - for 50p each. They caught my eye because I like the illustrator and the content is actually quite informative.
We came home for lunch accompanied by Eyewitness videos from the library – one on islands and one on the Arctic and Antarctic. Then Leo started painting the desk tidy he and Dani made yesterday and Pearl worked on a secret craft project. Leo spent some time on the computer tonight at the Dav Pilkey site and also wrote some words which he printed and incorporated into a picture. Pearl did some maths problems while watching Inspector Gadget!

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Alison said...

The new library looks quite amazing :)

Nice to hear your house is settling down again! I assume you wrestled the bed into submission the other night ;-) - hope it's comfy.