Friday, March 25, 2005

See you later, alligators

Been pretty busy the last couple of days, getting ready for our holiday.


I went in to work, which was probably a mistake, as I came home feeling quite ill. Allie went to work, feeling ill before she started. In the morning, she and the kids had made Stuart gingerbread, using the recipe given in Slimy Stuarts. It was quite good, if a bit strange.

In the afternoon we slobbed at home, then went to capoeira, which was great as usual, but very hard work for both kids. Leo wrote names on all his thank you notes and we posted them on the way home.


First day of our break – no work at all! Pearl went to the grandmothers' house with her cousin S. It became a lovely day, and they played outside and had a good time.

Allie went to town seeking out bargains for our trip. Leo and I let the day develop organically, and a lot of learning seemed to happen along the way. We went to the shops to spend his pocket money in the pound shop – he chose an inflatable bag and a playing cards and dominoes set.

When we got home we played dominoes and rummy. Later when P. got home, the two of them formed a team and beat me at rummy. I showed Leo clock patience, but I think it was a bit boring for him. He made a picture for his cousin G, and addressed the envelope. Later, he concentrated hard to write and illustrate a book on the computer.


We had an Easter egg hunt at cousin B's house, with all the local cousins. We knew it was the wrong day, but we're going to Lyme Regis tomorrow, so this was our only chance. It was fairly riotous and good fun. We are always grateful that our kids are part of this ready made gang of five cousins, all living in neighbouring streets.

This afternoon included more card games, setting the video for a week's worth of Power Rangers, Danger Mouse and Earth Story, and some packing.

I'm sure lots of other things have happened, but that's all I can bring to mind at the moment!

We're off to lovely Lyme Regis for a week's fossil hunting in the morning, accompanied by a positive plethora of grandparents – my parents and Allie's mum. Should be wonderful – we'll tell you all about it when we get back.


Heather said...

Back yet?
Hope it was fun, we were very near you tues-thurs but wasn't the weather awful!

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