Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ups and downs and great moments


Monday we went off to our HE group. Theme this week was the Victorians. On the way we passed the Victorian workhouse which is now a hospital. We talked a bit about this and what it meant to be in a workhouse. Pearl has really enjoyed a video based around the eventful life of a fictional Victorian woman. She has also been reading both the Vile Victorians and the Villainous Victorians. So I guess we could call that one a mini-project! Leo has been picking up snippets here and there and was thrilled to learn that our own house is Victorian.

Lots of good stuff got done at HE group but Leo was very up and down due to a nasty hooting cough he is battling. Pearl and Leo enjoyed making kites – as an example of a Victorian pastime.

Pearl went to woodcraft in the evening where she made a mask of Medusa and played some games. Leo flopped about coughing.


This morning P and L were both a bit fragile and prone to flying off the handle. But suddenly we had one of those amazing HE moments! I was trying to wash up, sort out laundry, pack a bag for the day etc. etc. Leo wandered over to the fridge, which has kids fridge poetry on it, and started arranging words. He demonstrated yet more sight reading of various words I had no idea he could read – queen and ghost were two of the most striking. I found these particularly impressive as they had no context or pictures to help him. Pearl wandered up and helpfully re-read (out loud) some of the words he had misread – without pointing out any of his mistakes. He corrected himself with no loss of face. Sometimes she is so great at helping him learn – far better than us. Pearl then grabbed a bit of paper and started writing down the various poems - before they could be disturbed by Leo. This inspired him to get a piece of paper and copy down the words he had arranged. He assembled these into a comic for one of his grandmothers.

After dropping off Leo at the grandmothers' house P and I went to town to but stuff we need for L's party on Sunday. We also had a look for some colouring/sticker/activity books for the kids to do in the evenings and Pearl finally decided on a maths book for 11-14 year olds. It is written as a key stage 3 SATS revision book (!) but she was very pleased and sat quietly working out answers while I tried to find something for Leo. I couldn't bring myself to buy any of the mind-numbing workbooks or activity books for 4-5 year olds but we got him a phonics reading book for 99p – about what it was worth, so I can't believe the price on this web site! He read it to me as soon as he got home.

Pearl went round to play with an old school friend tonight and had a good time. She came home with a lovely Hama bead pattern she had made.

Kids and D are off to London tomorrow for HE events at the science museum. They have tickets for the Snot Workshop!

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