Sunday, March 06, 2005

Working weekend

A. was working both days of the weekend, so it was just me and the kids both afternoons. Long negotiations about where we would go and who we would see resulted in a plan that left nobody completely happy. Ho hum.

Anyway, yesterday we went to an open roda, organised by the capoeira group that runs the class the kids go to on Wednesdays. It was for adults and children together, the first time they had organised one like that. P. had a great time, played capoeira with a man she had never met, and sat in the circle until I dragged her away. Watching the adults play was amazing. They were all brilliant, but you could really see differences of style in the way they played. Everyone was lovely with the kids, too. Watching a very little girl of four playing with the tallest man in the room was a sight to behold!

There were several other HE kids there, so I had a chance to catch up briefly with some people I don’t get to see very often (Brighton’s HE population being so big that we don’t all see each other all the time). Leo didn’t enjoy it much – the music was too loud and the atmosphere too scary for him to join in. I’d really like to go again, but we might have to wait until it falls on a Saturday when Allie’s not at work.

The kids greeted us this morning with beautiful bookmarks and cards they had made for mothers day. All P’s idea – very sweet.

We skipped Rainbow Families, in an attempt to avoid overloading Leo (and all of us) with too many social occasions, and instead met up with some local cousins in the afternoon. We played in the park until everyone got too cold, then the little ones went to the cousins’ house for a play, while P. and her cousin S. came to our house for a while.

They played Triominoes and then made potions fragranced with herbs from the garden and coloured with dye from tissue paper. I made holes in corks in preparation for puppet making at Woodcraft Folk tomorrow.

There’s been lots of very useful playing and observing things in the house this weekend too. P. was rolling a little ball around this morning. It has a striped pattern on it. She pointed out that there was a stripe round the middle, like the equator, and demonstrated with the ball how the earth spins on its axis. Later she said ‘you can make lots of different patterns with that ball – a zigzag, or a DNA pattern’. She was talking about the way the stripes looked as it was rolling along. Wonderful.

L. and P. did some beautiful sharing and turn taking on the computer, and were very supportive of each other’s efforts playing games on the Dav Pilkey website. Leo did his usual prolific drawing, and writing, and quite a lot of reading. We all watched a documentary about ice mummies on one of the history channels this evening. Oh and there was some sewing done, and colouring.

We looked out some books to take to a book sale we are having at the HE group tomorrow, in aid of Comic Relief, and had some conversation about the projects they fund.

Allie has come home from work a bit ill, and is snuggled in bed watching The Lost Prince on telly. Hope she’ll be better for tomorrow. Off to revive her with a cup of tea.


Heather said...

Sounds lovely - but what is capoeira????

Allie said...

Hi Heather,

Read the what is capoeira section on the font page of this site for an explanation!
It is a bit tricky to explain quickly. If you watch BBC TV you will have seen two men doing it on the rough of a building!

Allie said...

Whoops! Really am feeling a bit ill today. I meant to say 'the front page of this site' and 'the roof of a building'. Time for some paracetamol and TV...

Heather said...

I missed the 'font' but the 'rough' conjured up strange images of this game! Off to follow that link and find out about it now...

Heather said...

Oh wow! That looks so fun and interesting. The joys of city life I guess- I live in a *backwater*!!!