Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dino Rangers Roar

Well, Power Rangers Dino Thunder is on (again), so I thought I'd do something that uses a bit more of my brain than that requires.

P. is mainly doing a project on Sky TV at the moment. She spends quite a lot of time studying the TV guide and telling us all the different times of day Scooby, Power Rangers, Arthur and other things are going to be on. The rest of her time is spent watching aforementioned things, often for the second or third time.

This is an exaggeration, of course. She spent all of yesterday doing physical activity – trampolining, then running in the park. On Friday Allie and the two of them watched Look and Read, which led to some web browsing and art activities for everyone. She's also spent quite a lot of time playing with her Sylvanians this weekend, including naming and finding a home for the three new rabbits that arrived on Friday after a successful bid on ebay.

Leo has been doing a lot of writing. Today he went to the park with his cousin B, and wrote a list of the things in his bag before he went, and later he wrote out a recipe for orange ice crystals and some 'For Sale' and 'Sold' signs for his Sylvanian homes.

Sounds like they had a lovely time in the park. We had a different cousin staying with us for a sleepover last night, and she and Pearl were awake very late and up very early this morning, so P. was too exhausted to go out. It's nice for them to get a break from each other sometimes. While he was out, P. watched TV and I searched the web for some origami baskets (link is a pdf, by the way) for her birthday picnic in a couple of weeks.

On Friday Leo did some maths on Joe the Dragon and the BBC's Little Animals Activity Centre. He was very proud of himself for solving problems that involved numbers higher than ten (Allie helped a lot!). He's also been spending a lot of time counting his money – he's saving up for a Deluxe Megazord, which sell for the ridiculous price of £39.99. I'm secretly hoping he thinks of something better to spend the money on before he gets there, but I'm impressed by his dedication so far.

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Gill said...

We must have another look at Joe the Dragon. Haven't been there for so long I'd forgotten it existed!
Glad you mentioned it. Brilliant site, if I remember rightly.