Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pearlie's birthday

I can't manage a real catch up this time – too much has been going on. Big news is that it is Pearl's eighth birthday today. She has a fab crop of presents, which she is enjoying tremendously, and a big stash of birthday cash for a toy shop visit later in the week.

Yesterday was her family party day (we're planning a picnic for friends next week) and we had a pool party at our local pool. We paid thirty three pounds for a one hour hire of the whole pool and seven kids and eight adults went swimming. A fine time was had by all. Leo swims about happily in arm bands and he and various cousins enjoyed squirting everyone with the toys that were floating in the pool. Pearl enjoyed the pool in a typically Pearlie way – she swam lengths for about half an hour and then instigated a wild game of 'sharks' – which is 'it' in the water.

After a party tea at home with many aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents we had our Leicestershire cousins as overnight guests. The kids were all pretty tired by the time they finally headed off to bed – as were the adults. Pearlie only had one minor collapse at the tea when I arranged the candles in her cake and she burst into tears because they were not symmetrical. Different things matter to different people (as I say to myself many times a day!) so I had to go and apologise profusely outside her bedroom door before she would come down and blow out her candles!

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Today has been a lovely quiet day at home – just the four of us. We have played Cadoo (one of P's presents) and cheat and watched Pearl's new Tintin DVD. The kids have played with their Sylvanians a lot as Peral got several more for her birthday. We gave her the Pony and Trap which she thinks is fantastic.

Other top moments of the week were:

  • Pottery painting while half watching Primary History and Geography on Wednesday. Pearl spent ages sorting out tiny bits of clay she had cut up and a friend fired for her. She counted them and divided them into equal piles and then painted them in different colours. They are called Megabites! Leo painted a rather spooky skull like thing he has made.
  • Capoeira – where the kids learned a new move which sounds like 'Habajahi' but may be spelt almost anyhow because it is Portuguese. Anyway, P had a really good go at it.
  • French with my mum on Thursday where P polished off a wordsearch for furniture words. She also made cheese scones to bring home. Meanwhile Leo and Dani were involved in party preparations at home. Leo joined in with a lot of list making and typed out Pearlie's birthday card alone his gorgeous message read:

    with love from leo
    I hope you like
    I am iksitid
    It is yor
    Berth day,.
  • Friday – a day of lots of quiet activity. P spent much of the day reading both at home and at the library. She was enjoying the Savage Stone Age and Tintin and the Shooting Star. She has a vague idea that she may keep a list of all the books she reads while she is eight. She has been enjoying a Jacqueline Wilson recently – the Bed and breakfast star – the first time she has wanted to read that author.
  • Leo made a lovely comic on Friday that contained his usual detailed illustrations and his first attempt at a real narrative done entirely by himself. In the past he has dictated stories for us to write or type and he has written words or phrases alone but this comic is a whole story – albeit part one of a series! It was entirely his idea – embarked upon just as I intended we should set off for the library. Funny how these inspired projects always get started just when we are about to leave to go somewhere – or very late in the evening.
Anyway – Happy Birthday Pearl! Our wonderful girl.

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Gill said...

Hurray! Happy birthday Pearl :)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Pearl! Looks like a yummy cake. Hope you enjoy the rest of the celebrations :)

Heather said...

Sounds like a lurvely week :-)

ROFL- Best remember the symmetrical candles next year. Love that- Pearl sounds so mathsy.

I haven't found a comic that Pip enjoys to read. We tried dennis the mennis but she hated the bullying of the 'softie' chap, she's not ready for Asterix- any ideas for anything else?

Must be wonderful to have so much family with children. All our siblings are being most unobliging :-(

peri said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday Pearl!

Love from Peri, Mike and Jakob xx

dottyspots said...

Happy Birthday Pearl! We'll have to have an April birthdays club :0)