Friday, April 29, 2005

A play filled few days

Catch up time again it seems.


It was a quiet session at our HE group. The theme was food. We had a lovely play café created and one mum and boy squeezed fresh orange juice for everyone. Pearl and Leo enjoyed the activity we had taken – lots of print outs of food and empty plates. They made up funny meals of their favourite foods which they labelled. Leo actually labelled his as 'GELY' and 'POO' but I can assure you it wasn't. He also wrote out an extensive menu for his own café. We also had some pretty wild games of 'Forty-four save all' with kids and adults joining in.

Dani and Pearl went to Woodcraft Folk where they did a lot of singing. Leo and I stayed at home and made a home for his Sylvanian ducks out of an old cardboard box.


On Tuesday Dani went to work and the kids and I went off to town to spend P's birthday money. The grandmothers are away in Spain for a couple of weeks so our usual routine is out the window. Leo decided that it was just too much saving to get to the forty pounds he needs for a Megazord and bought himself a Red Ranger with a Raptor Cycle. Pearl blew all her money on the very impressive Willow Hall for some of her luckier Sylvanians to live in. We had a lovely afternoon at home and once the rain stopped we spent a couple of hours sitting on the doorstep in the sun. The kids played with their toys and then I timed them running up and down the street. Leo also drew around the shadows of his toy dinosaurs and Pearl spent ages plaiting her Sylvanian pony's tail and mane.


Wednesday morning D went to work again and the kids and I went to the park to play with the Phlat Balls they were given recently. We had great time throwing and catching and enjoying the space. It felt a bit odd to be there with such big kids. The park in the morning is usually the preserve of the under threes as everyone else is at school. We left in time to intercept Dani on her way home from work. We hid behind a corner and jumped out on her. She shrieked very gratifyingly! We also saw the head of EOTAS driving around looking for a parking space. Couldn't help wondering who she was going to visit.

In the afternoon I went to work and Dani took the kids to Capoeira. They had a good time and bought new trousers to match their t-shirts. Apparently they come from Brazil and their Capoeira teacher got a friend to ask the factory there to make some small ones especially for the kids.


Today was pretty gloomy here. Dani went off to get a hair cut and the kids and I pottered at home. Pearl did some Maths from a Key Stage Three book she chose. She was pleased with long multiplication again and asked me to find a few more on the internet, so I printed some from Enchanted Learning. Leo was busy doing some cutting out to make a megazord collage. But after a while he asked for some 'maths from the internet' too and we found him a sheet of sums we'd printed out a while ago. He seemed to have no problem with them – they were very simple sums like 8+4=12. Of course he only did a few because they were pretty tedious!

In the afternoon Dani and the kids went to take some photos of the building site and buy a hot water bottle! This is something P has wanted for a while and we left her all snuggly, re-reading a favourite book, in bed tonight. Not sure what else went on this afternoon, apart from some picnic party preparations, but I think it was all fairly jolly!

Leo has worked very hard today to make some invitations to Moley's party. Moley is an imaginary mole friend who Leo loves. He is very tiny and often accompanies us on journeys. Apparently it is his fifth birthday soon and he is having a party.

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Alison said...

Sounds like a good week :)
Willow Hall is *very* swish, I hope the lucky Sylvanians appreciate it!