Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pottering on

Monday we went to our HE group for the second week of our 'under the sea' theme. Both P and L were pretty uninterested in doing any of the activities. I think the sunny day was calling to P – she could barely stand to be indoors at all, so she spent most of the time playing spies and 'it' outside. Leo joined in with this a fair bit until he just flaked out. We came home with loads of clay and salt dough creations from previous weeks that had been fired and baked by other families for us (ta, people!). So we've got a painting morning planned for later in the week.

When Dani arrived I had to leave for work. D and the kids left soon after as L was so tired and they had Woodcraft Folk to get to later in the day. Pearl had a nice time at Woodcraft and came home with a drawing of some slugs she found in the garden of the community centre. Dani and Leo had to go to an organising meeting as the group is parent led. L has spent a fair few hours of his life sitting in meetings he doesn't really want to go to and it makes us feel bad sometimes. But the way our life is organised we often have no choice but to take him. He played with his dinosaurs and put up with it.

Today was a beautiful day here and the kids and I enjoyed our walk over to the grandmothers' house for Leo's weekly visit. The kids held hands and counted the steps of the 'cat's creep' together. Today it seemed to be 115 steps!

Pearl had a fun moment in the co-op on the way home when she worked out the price of seven bars of chocolate in her head before the guy on the till had worked out how to get his till to ring them up! The poor man was so startled that he forgot to give me my change.

Some lovely highlights of the rest of the day were

  • Pearl spending ages painting a suncatcher with glass paints just because we found it in the cupboard when tidying up.
  • Pearl doing a few subtraction sums using the 'borrowing' method. This was something that was not obvious to her when I once tried to explain it but somehow today she rattled through them with a chuckle. As far as I know she has not done any sums like this for weeks and has not been talking about it. After four or five she was satisfied that it worked and went off to run in the street.
  • Spending half an hour sitting beside Leo 'helping' him tidy his Sylvanian house. I was actually called on to do nothing but watch his gentle, loving arrangement of baby ducks and frogs. This was good for my soul as I find the constant presence of Power Rangers a bit depressing sometimes.
  • Leo reading me 'Doing the Garden' by Sarah Garland at bedtime. He asked for a word or two but astonished me by sight reading 'beautiful' and working out 'gently'. I don't think we've read that book in years as it was a real toddler favourite and I thought he'd outgrown it.

Of course we had our low points too. P was very embarrassed to be found out when she had 'forgotten' some diamonds in her hand when playing whist and somehow this was my fault. L assured us all we were 'very rude' for leaving the room when he embarked on an episode of Power Rangers we have all seen too many times and raged at us for a bit. And I'm really tired this evening after doing battle with the mess that is our kitchen/living room for hours this afternoon. I'm not sure I won. D is sitting serenely knitting – a lovely scarf for me – and watching Newsnight. Funny to think another election is here already. It must be a sign of age when they start coming round faster and faster…


dawniy said...
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dawniy said...

Hi Allie and Dani,
Thanks for your comment on my blog :o)
nice to meet you. Could you post some pics of your creations cos my girls love salt dough and you might inspire them!!

Emma said...

Just saying hello! Sounds like a full couple of days. :)

Heather said...

No we weren't 'out after tea' that night as Pip had climbing until 6 and then by the time we'd had tea, they were both exhausted and in bed asleep by 7:30.
Was a lovely evening though, wasn't it!
Sounds like you're all having fun and busy :-)

Gill said...

I like the sound of that maths. It was a stage I missed with my older three because they were at school then. Hoping the younger one will be so interested, though.
The elections are coming around scarily fast, yes!

Alistair said...

Hello D&A (and P&L),

I am *delighted* by your blog. Woodcraft folk, chocolate bar mulitplication, beach hut adventures, Fossil-hunting - thank you for writing it all up for us. I want to rush down to Brighton and join in immediately. At least can do some catching up before I see you in May.

lots of love,


Anonymous said...

PS I meant to tell you that I have got a Live Journal which is a bit like a blog. I mostly use it to gossip with Abra and it is silly and not intended as a document of record. But you might like to see my new, not much developed, interst in knitting: http://www.livejournal.com/users/raptis/6159.html

I would offer to exchange tips but all I can think of are 'try not to drop stitches' and 'it takes years to get good'.

my email btw is alistair_1966@yahoo.co.uk