Friday, April 15, 2005

Quick lunch hour catch up

Had a mixed couple of days, including:

  • Lots of cooking. Allie and the kids made cheesy scones on Wednesday, I made a banana cake that evening, and I made some bread rolls yesterday (with some help from Leo and friend). All quite successful, except the rolls lacked a bit of salt, so weren’t quite tasty enough for any children who were offered them.
  • Capoeira – good fun as usual, and quite a busy session for the start of the new term. P. in particular really enjoys it, you can see it in her face.
  • Schools TV – we are enjoying the latest Look and Read, and discovering pdf story books of past ones on this unofficial website.
  • Very competent use of the computer and printer/photocopier by Leo. I know it’s no big deal for them to pick these things up, but it’s still a bit amazing when you see it done. As grownups go, we are both quite at ease with computers, TV, DVD players etc, but we still don’t have the ability to play and discover things the way our kids do.
  • A visit from a seven year old friend from our HE group. He is a fellow Power Rangers and general superheroes enthusiast, and played very nicely with Leo for the afternoon yesterday. They also enjoyed the Geomag, each in their own very different style – there are never enough balls and rods, though, are there?
  • P’s weekly visit to the grandmothers’ house – she came home very muddy and joined in with the boys’ superheroes game. I think there was some French done there as well as getting muddy.
  • Lots of work – A. was at work both days from lunchtime until about 8.30pm, and I went to work Wednesday morning as well.
  • A fair amount of bickering between P. and L. Not sure what this is about, just a pattern they get into sometimes. The challenge for us is not to blow it up out of all proportion and make things worse. Sometimes they just need a good night’s sleep and a gentle reminder that they do love each other really.

That’s all folks, back to work…

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Jax said...

Did I send you a cheque? I've just remembered that I can't remember iyswim.

I have no brain any more - please mail me again with your address if I didn't. Sorry.