Friday, April 08, 2005

Rainy days

We had a bit of spring but it seems to have gone again now. Wednesday was very rainy and we stayed in pretty much all day, except for going to work (me in the morning and A. in the afternoon).

P. and L. spent quite a bit of time developing security systems for their rooms, to go with the door knockers A’s mum bought for them in Lyme Regis. They now each have a password and a list of authorised people. They also both made themselves ‘Knock before entry’ signs on the computer.

Leo and I used the story ideas generator we bought a couple of months ago, and wrote stories featuring the characters, locations, actions etc suggested by rolling the dice.

When the sun came out briefly, we popped round the corner to take some more photos of the building site.

I finished P’s birthday picnic invitations. I had hoped she might help me with that, but she was busy being a cat at that moment, so she couldn’t.

Later on she got very involved in writing a secret code on the computer, and then searching for pictures of Sylvanians to put on her wall.

Yesterday Allie had to work again, but the kids and I went to visit Allie’s dad and his wife in Haywards Heath. This was lovely, as always. We were given lunch and entertained in the wonderfully sunny hideaway they have at the bottom of their garden. We played Cheat and knocked balls around with bats in the garden. P. and L. took various Sylvanians and Power Rangers with them, and enjoyed explaining them to bemused grandparents.

We came away with a lovely little felt beret that P. plans to copy for her Sylvanians, some interesting cardboard packaging (L. declared his to be a graveyard), a spare chess set they happened to have, and some extra pocket money for the children. Grandparents are great, aren’t they?

On the way we picked up the latest Horrible Science magazine and read bits of that here and there. We’ve also been enjoying Terry Jones’s Medieval Lives in the evenings on UKTV History.


Alison said...

Grandparents are indeed great :) You seem to have even more of them than we do, lol - 5 here, all within a couple of miles of us ;-)

Lol at the security systems :)

Allie said...

Yes, we beat you by one. The kids have four grandmothers and two grandfathers - all lovely.

Security systems are still in full on mode. Pearl has even taken to knocking on her own door and giving the password before she goes in!

Heather said...

Any possiblity for a link or name for the story generator game- sounds good!

Plenty of grandparents here too- three sets, four Granny's (although none actually called Granny- miserable bunch!) and two Grandad's (only one called it).

Dani said...

We bought it from Philip and Tacey, and it's called 'pick and mix' or something similar. Tbh you could make it yourself, except for the dodecahedral dice, which are quite neat.

Heather said...

Found the site- could go 'wild in the aisles' there if I had anything left in the kitty.
It looks like the game could be easily made once *seen*, might try and bodge something similar.

Alison said...

When I was pregnant with Violet, we had 12 greatgrandparents and grandparents lined up for her ... sadly the attrition rate has been quite high :( Just one greatgrandparent left to go with the local 5 GPs.

You could make your own dodecahedral die from card ;-) There's an HE project for you! Actually, my dad has a couple, they can't be that difficult to get hold of?