Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Running and reading

Tuesday 5th April 2005

D went to work all day today and the kids and I played with their cousin B – who is five. The weather held and so we went up to the park. We are blessed with a selection of fantastic parks in Brighton. When I get grumpy about coughing up the 108 pounds council tax each month I should remember that!

Pearl ran around with a football for ages and climbed the climbing poles (about 10 feet high) until her feet got too sandy and she couldn't get any grip. She had also been skipping in the street for about an hour first thing in the morning. By the time we finally got home she was still climbing on walls and hiding round corners. By this evening she was flaked out on our bed watching UK TV History for hours on end. I hope she is asleep now but she is re-reading 'Comet in Moominland' at the moment and so may finally crash out on that.

Leo and his cousin B played for while in his room before we went to the park and Leo got a bit agitated about the resulting mess. Now we live in a pretty chaotic house, and always have, so I am a bit surprised about his fastidiousness. I think it is part of recent phase of caring greatly for his possessions and his space. He handles his things very carefully - almost reverently sometimes. Anyway I tidied up for him as he was entertaining.

Leo did a new and exciting thing today. He has always looked at books a lot. He used to sit in his buggy staring at favourite illustrations. But today he announced that he was going to read his 'Ricky Ricotta' book. I was sitting next to him at the kitchen table looking at a catalogue but it was clear that he was not inviting me to participate. He has been reading to us for a while now, but this was different. He read four chapters of the book (silently) – asking me to tell him occasional words as he went along. Then he asked for a bookmark and went to do something else. I think it felt significant because he was reading entirely for himself - not to show that he could or to practice the skill.

Anyway, better get off the laptop as D is itching to start designing Pearl's birthday picnic invite.

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:) Nice reading, Leo!