Monday, April 11, 2005

Spring again

The sun came out today, so the kids and I went to our beach hut in Hove,

Quite windy on the seafront! Posted by Hello

where P. rode her cousin's bike up and down the promenade for a bit, and we spent a bit of time watching the waves and making little films of each other on the digital camera.

This evening, we finally found the Discovery Kids channel and P. & L. sat glued to two episodes of Mystery Hunters. Leo (possibly for the first time ever) actually made something out of cardboard boxes, rather than describing what he wanted made and doing something else while one of us makes it.

Following a wonderfully generous gift of a box of books from our (newly HEing!) next door neighbour, P. has rediscovered her Lemony Snicket passion, and asked for the Unauthorised Autobiography for her bedtime story. Leo and Allie finished reading The Illustrated Treasury of Fairy Tales, which they have both enjoyed very much. A. was thrilled to find that one of the illustrators they had admired most, Roberto Innocenti, was self-taught. Leo, who has already illustrated several of his own books, was not so impressed by this news!

Other highlights of the last few days have been:

  • P. and L. playing very beautifully with their Sylvanians this morning. They set up a big encampment just inside the front door, which I think is in preparation for a tea party for P's birthday in two weeks' time.
  • Aforementioned box of books arriving. Our neighbours have been great over the years, keeping us supplied with loads of great books their children have outgrown. The last lot included three editions of the Guinness Book of Records, which P. fell upon with glee, a couple of books by David Almond, and one set in the Isles of Scilly, where we are planning a holiday in June, a complete set of Lemony Snicket, plus loads more that look very interesting.
  • An expedition to deliver party invitations to friends living in the local neighbourhood. I photocopied the street map and marked the addresses with stickers, then P. guided us around the route and L. found the right house number when we got to each street.
  • Both P. and L. working very confidently on the computer to write a story (L.) and search on the internet for pictures of Sylvanians (P.).
  • P. making and photographing lovely domino constructions.

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  • A fruitful visit to the library on Friday, followed by a calm quiet afternoon of pottering.


Alison said...

Ooooh, a beach hut - I'm jealous :)

All sounds very pleasant and productive :) David Almond is the one who wrote Skellig, isn't he? Must read that - the girls have seen it as a play, and I've heard bits on the radio, but I'd like to read it, if only to satisfy my curiosity about the HE'd character!

Dani said...

Yes, Skellig is great - I read it to P. a few weeks ago, and thought it was wonderful. The HE'd character is very amusing!

Heather said...

A beach hut and a HEing neighbour- I'm jealous!

Weather is wonderfully fickle here; we wore shorts in the garden one day and cracked ice off puddles the next. Spring always amuses me.

Allie said...

Beach hut was a gift to me and my two brothers - from my mum. We shared one with some cousins in the summer of 1976 - heat wave and plague of ladybirds year. I think my mum had such happy memories of those days she wanted to give us the chance with our kids. My mum is lovely.

Neighbour has a boy quite a bit older than P (maybe four years?) who spends part of his time next door and part with his mum up in Scotland - so I don't know how much we'll see of him. But I guess it is nice to have a fellow traveller next door even if we don't socialise much.

Another gorgeous day here - hope you all have the same.

Joyce said...

The last two years in Devon we've rented a beach hut for three weeks. Although it seemed initially like a hideous expense, it really made the holiday just to have it there to use at any time, for late evening picnics, early morning surfing etc. It didn't have any water (or standpipes though), so very basic - really just a shed with deckchairs and windbreaks. But still great.