Thursday, May 05, 2005


We celebrated today's pleasing date with a picnic at Stanmer Park, and a walk through the wonderfull bluebell woods there.

We were looking after our niece today, as her school had been turned into a polling station. Allie came too and joined us for lunch, then went to work from there.

The park turned out to be full of horses, for some carriage driving trials event. This was quite interesting, but cut down on the running around space somewhat. But there was still plenty of scope for balancing on logs,

climbing trees,

and frolicking among the bluebells.

We also found rabbit fur,

earwigs, interesting fungus

and yummy ice lollies at the café.

After we got home, Pearl and Leo dressed up in identical and bizarre costumes involving scarves draped around the upper body, trousers held up with braces and tights worn completely over the face, topped off by sunhats. Thus clad, they settled down to their traditional evening telly-fest – Scooby Doo, Inspector Gadget, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, and (in Pearlie's case) Danger Mouse, Wacky Races and half of Hong Kong Phooey.

Leo looked at the street map with us, pointed out where Moley had taken his recent holiday (Bishopstone, near Newhaven, apparently), then typed a load of numbers on the computer and sent an email to the children's email list of our HE group. His current bedtime book is The Dark Knight archives Vol. 1, and P. has just started re-reading Lemony Snicket book 7.

They are finally in bed and we are preparing for a long night of election speculation.

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