Wednesday, May 04, 2005

All the fun of the fair - and a bit of tidying...

We've been having a couple of quiet days to recover from all the frantic birthday activity that has been going on around here.

Tuesday Dani worked all day and the kids and I had a day at home. We spent a couple of hours in the morning tidying their bedrooms. Leo keeps his room tidy but he has lost a particular toy so he welcomed the chance to empty out boxes and drawers and have a good hunt. Pearl's room was a total tip and she needed quite a lot of help to get it organised.

The whole exercise was great fun actually. The kids kept finding toys they had forgotten they had! We stopped to look at some Ladybird flash cards and Leo read them all without trouble - 100 words. Pearlie told him what a good reader he was. Leo didn't find the particular toy he was seeking but he did find his long lost (and greatly missed) bronze scarab and Horus figurine. We have all been very interested in Ancient Egypt from time to time. Pearl found a missing Sylvanian slipper - a thing of about 1cm in length! I waved a duster about a bit and we all chatted.

In the afternoon we did crafty things. Pearl decorated two candles she was given for her birthday. Leo and I did some drawing with our ink pens (the sort you dip in a bottle of ink) and when we got sick of them smudging we used normal pens! Then we all watched Discovery Kids for a while – quite a good channel I reckon.

When Dani got home it was time to visit the fair that rolled in to town last week. It is a travelling fun fair and seems to be mostly the same motley collection of rides and stalls I used to enjoy when I was Pearl's age. We spent a hideous amount of money very fast but the kids loved it. They went on one of those bumpy slides where you ride with your feet in a mat. I wished we had taken the camera as they walked hand in hand up the long flight of steps and Pearl helped Leo into his sack. The look of terror on Leo's face was quite alarming and I was astonished when he immediately leapt up and they both rushed off to have their second go. Pearl let out a very satisfying scream when we were all on the ghost train together. We went home with happy kids with new shoddy teddy bears and sticky candy floss faces.

During the evening Leo asked to play the Tower Block game on Joe the Dragon. This is a fairly challenging game (even on the easy levels) but he really concentrated and enjoyed it. Pearl was instantly desperate to play a computer game (afraid we have only one pc) and I suddenly remembered that my phone has some games. Pearl fell in love with the 'Move the Box' game and was brilliant at it. She has one of those little plastic toys with numbers up to fifteen on it and she does that over and over again and I guess this involves similar skills. When Leo had had enough of the computer he wrote out some sums and hieroglyphs and marked them out in 'levels' like a computer game.

Wednesday was gloomy and I had a brainwave that the kids might want to make some new lap books. Needless to say they didn’t at all. Pearl wanted to go on playing 'Move the Box' on my phone (stopping for a brief play with our Tantrix puzzle) and Leo wanted to hunt for information on the Power Rangers on the internet. When he got sick of that he played games on the Dav Pilkey site.

In the afternoon I went to work and Dani took the kids to Capoeira. Pearl enjoyed herself but Leo was feeling a bit tired and only did half the class.

This evening Dani and I have been late night leafleting (in shifts) for the Green party. We are in Brighton Pavilion constituency and we are hoping that maybe we will elect the country's first Green MP. Seems so strange after all those 1980s/90s elections when we sat up praying for a Labour victory. Ho hum.

So, I leave you with a lovely picture Leo drew today. It is all about the creation of the White Power Ranger.

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Jenny said...

Good luck with getting a Green MP - KWYM about always wanting Labour to win in the past! Sadly we are in Worthing where you could put a dog up in a blue rosette and it would win :-(