Monday, May 09, 2005

Eat, Drink and be Merry

We've had a very busy couple of days…


Allie went to work and the kids and I set to on our list for the day. This was:
1. Grow bacteria
2. Make cinnamon swirls and herby scones
3. visit art houses
4. make thank you cards

We did most of these things. We used the agar agar powder from the Horrible Science magazine to cultivate two little dishes of microbes gathered from the loo handle, a coin from my pocket, and the insides of P and L's cheeks. We put one dish on a shelf in the kitchen and the other in the freezer. We plan to look at them on Wednesday.

We made cinnamon swirls using a recipe from a kids cookery book we were given the other day. This was an unbelievably messy activity, involving rolling implausible amounts of sugar into some puff pastry, then adding yet more sugar and cinnamon and baking the lot in the oven. The results were tasty, but sweeter than any of us really like.

After the mammoth clearing up job necessitated by the experiment, cooking and lunch, we went out to look at some houses in the Hanover Art Trail – one of the many collections of private houses that are opened for weekends during the Brighton Festival to display work by local artists. We saw paintings, sculpture, photography, knitted dolls, anagram art, recycled plastic lampshades, and an installation based on the Jungle Book, and had a chance to meet the artists. Leo was quite shy, but enjoyed taking photos with the digital camera. Pearl chatted away and showed people her Sylvanian ponies.

We couldn't face any more cooking, and I offered to do the thank you cards (but still haven't done them!) so that was the list disposed of. P. and L. played lots of great Sylvanian Power Rangers games and watched some more Discovery Kids. Later on, they both played patience.


Today was a feast at our HE group. We're moving outdoors for the summer, so this was the last session at the community centre. It was lovely, with lots of delicious home made goodies, and plenty of time to play outside and in. Several complicated imaginary games evolved, involving swimming in shark-infested seas and hatching animal themed zords from eggs. The hatchlings had to be brought home in a bag of grass cuttings and installed in Tupperware nests all round our kitchen.

P. and L. posted updates on the progress of their zord babies on the children's email list of our group. This was done almost completely independently by both of them.

P. went to Woodcraft Folk this evening, while L. silently watched Mystery Hunters twice through. He was inspired to do another experiment, involving the creation of fog in a plastic bottle. We may try this tomorrow, when we have ice.

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