Saturday, May 14, 2005

Festival frolics

We are in the middle of the Brighton Festival so, in spite of not being able to get to HESFES, we are having a pretty jolly time.


I took Pearl over to the grandmothers' house for her usual weekly visit. I stayed to do a bit of French with P. My mum had made a lot of labels for the kitchen furniture and appliances and we labelled the room. This is the third room we are working on and Pearl's great memory means her vocab is coming on a treat.

I went off to work from there and Pearl stayed and invented a 'mouth freshener' using different fresh herbs and water. She wrote down the recipe and brought it home with her. She always has such a lovely time there and we really appreciate the chance to give the kids a break from each other.

Meanwhile, Dani and Leo went to the new police museum, which has opened in the old police cells underneath the town hall. Apparently it was very interesting and Leo was the only child! Pearl and I are going to visit in a couple of weeks.


Dani went off to work and I took the kids to the branch library we like. It was something of a momentous occasion for me. Pearl curled up on a comfy chair with a new Tintin book and leo decided to look for a new 'series'. Leo likes to know that there is another book coming and he is especially drawn to books with numbers on the spine! Anyway he found this and said he was going to read it. I sat down on a chair beside him and he looked a bit sheepish and said:

"Erm, Allie, I want to read this on my own."

I was redundant and so went off to browse the spoken word tapes. When I returned they were both still reading! Leo eventually asked for a bookmark and told me he was on page 17 and would read the rest at home. We also borrowed a book about living with cerebral palsy for P and a new Paddington book for us to read L at bedtime. We also used the toy library for the first time and borrowed a board game and a jigsaw of the British Isles to do together.

Streets of Brighton

We went straight on to town with a box of sandwiches for lunch as it was the first day of the Streets of Brighton event. This is a two day extravaganza of street entertainment – usually pretty strange and wonderful.

We saw some angels who were doing synchronised flying.

There were three escaped convicts trying to pass unnoticed in the crowd.

The seagulls were cheeky as ever.

Two lovebirds were cooing in the Pavilion Gardens. Pearl was very keen to have a go at this! She is very acrobatic, skinny and strong and I have no doubt she could learn. Maybe we should try to find a circus skills workshop for her.

Sadly it was really cold here today and it kept spitting with rain. After about an hour we were just too cold to stand it any more and went off to find a bus.

There have been little bits of incidental maths today too. Pearl wrote down all our vital statistics! Pearl also mentioned that she had misread the game box, which said for ages 5-8 as 5 minus 8:
"which would be minus three of course…"
Leo was somewhat puzzled by this! So I reassured him by telling him that he knew what 8 minus 5 was and held up fingers to show him:

The game itself was a bit boring but Pearlie learned a mnemonic to remind her of the order of the planets in the solar system, and Leo concentrated on all the reading needed to play the game.

During the evening I started to buckle under the migraine that has been threatening and had a quick sleep. The kids watched some TV and then played computer games. Leo was very taken with the World Explorer game that really belongs to Pearl, while she chose to play some bizarre Teen Titans game on the internet.

Pearl brought us a note this evening, which we were to open at 10.30pm. It said that she now knows a dinosaur for every letter of the alphabet. Dani has just discovered the proof of this left for us on the bathroom floor. The tired spelling is a bit bizarre but it's true!


Little Minx said...

All sounds really great! Have to admit that I haven't done any of the festival stuff since I left Brighton 11 years ago. Can't believe it has been that long.

I buckled to a migraine yesterday evening also. Popped a valium which really helped but I look like shit this morning LOL!

dottyspots said...

I keep meaning to come down and visit my brother (also in Brighton) at festival time - but haven't quite got round to it yet :0) Maybe next year.