Sunday, May 15, 2005

Kids discovering

We had a pretty quiet day yesterday. I took P. to trampolining, while Leo and Allie had some rare time at home together.

In the afternoon, we all watched a very interesting programme about Tutankhamun's father, the unusual pharaoh Akhenaten, which suggested he may have had Marfan's syndrome.

Even though it had stopped raining, the kids didn't feel like going to the second day of Streets of Brighton, so I went for a little while on my own as I'd missed it on Friday. While I was out, P. made some clothes for her Sylvanian horses and L. made a lovely lapbook about Egyptian mummies.

Today, the kids and I had places booked on a tour of Whitehawk Hill, led by Dave Bangs, a very knowledgeable member of the Friends of Whitehawk Hill and author of an excellent book about the hill, Where the Turf meets the Surf. After the rain and bitter winds of the last two days, today was beautiful, and we all had a lovely time being spies,

finding tiny flowers, snails and insects,

looking at ancient boundary stones

and enjoying the fantastic views.

We saw a kestrel, an Adonis blue, a dingy skipper and a small copper, and the remains of a big Neolithic camp. Dave showed us lots of things that had been found and seen on the hill – the skin of an adder, a purseweb spider and its web, giant puffballs, and lots of very tiny snails that are found only on chalk downland. Pearl spotted some of these minute snails, and learned the name of the strange flies we have seen up at Falmer lately – the St. Mark's fly (named, we assume, after St. Mark's day, 25th April). It was a fascinating morning.

We were all pretty whacked when we got in, and have spent the afternoon watching Discovery Kids, our new favourite channel. Leo loves Mystery Hunters in particular, but also happily watches Timeblazers, the Croc Files and Gross. He also played a bit more on the World Explorer CD and P. did something secret which she needs the computer for, so I'd better go.

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Little Minx said...

Sounds like a great day :-)

We enjoyed the sun after the terrible winds and grey skies too!